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Who is not surprised to read yet another horrific review of Spirit Airline!?!?!

My new nickname for them is the "Golden Coral of the sky" Because much like Golden Coral they entice you with a good price then by the time you leave your still hungry, sick to your stomach and never want to even see their name again because it angers you so dam much. I've also made up a new slogan (Ok I didnt make this one up, one of the many angry passengers uttered it and I stole it) Spirit airline, We will get your spirit to your destination.... they rest, your on your own! has a ring to it no?

Stuartist - Rude, obnoxious and pushy. My experience had me wanting to jump off the plane. this girl thought she could talk down to all the people on our plane. I should have gotten her name (11/13/16 from Cancun to Ft.Lauderdale) . Our plane was late and everyone on the plane was worried about missing their connecting flights. Over the load speaker they mentioned flights that needed to get off the plane first (Because the pilot and stuartist had these flights)and everyone else should wait on the plane. So I asked her what about the atlantic city flight? I already knew it was cutting it close because boarding time was 15 minutes away and we had not even landed yet. The Stuartist got loud with me and said "Didn't you listen to anything I just said? If you where listening you would already know that you should be fine to catch your flight". All lies!!! They also went out of their way to push their Spirit airlines credit card in everyones faces over and over again. You'll know who i am talking about when you see her/him. It is about 6 ft tall, short blond hair, mans face & jaw with a scarf tied around his adams apple!

Pilot - I give the pilot any kudos I can because she took off and landed really well. other than that she didnt say or do much so..... I wouldn't blame the pilot for leaving the gate late although she did blame it on waiting for gas which seems fishy since that seems to be Spirits GO TO answer every time they run behind schedule.

Check in/Rescheduling desk - They were very understaffed, myself along with hundreds of Spirits now ex customers sat in hours of crazy long lines over and over again had ZERO answers to give any of us. They left us stranded at an airport for what seemed like forever with no food or water, no bed or hotel, no transportation. Just a big Grin knowing they already had our money!

Desk Clerk Manager - Biggest Wuss Afraid for his life with good cause. This guy was no help to me, any Spirit customers and im sure not to his wife either. When he crawled out from the rock he was under because he heard people screaming had ZERO to offer. I know why he had such a blank look on his face... He does this everyday. Day in and day out he is a front-man for Spirit as a professional *** bag. I hope they pay him well. He was well versed in the "i dont knows" that Spirit is well known for. The only thing he had to offer was a bench to sleep on next to some *** who snored loud and shouted obscenities in his sleep.

TO THE CEO, CFO and whoever else is profiting from this insult of the air should be ashamed of themselves!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Spirit Airlines Cons: Options for canceled flight, Poor accommodations, No to poor customer service, Rude liars.

  • Decietful tactics
  • Spirit Airlines Criminals
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Well, I can certainly tell why you had such a horrible trip.