I have been a loyal Spirit Airlines supporter and customer for many years.

I booked two flights with your company departing from Detroit Michigan arriving in Fort Lauderdale Florida continuing to San Jose Costa Rica. I unfortunately had to delayed departure date because of a family tragedy. My Father incurred a massive heart attack which required my personal assistance to help in his rehabilitation and fortunate recovery. Due to this required involvement I missed my flight reinstatement by one day. I spoke with your representatives three days regarding situation for which they were very professional and understanding. I was told to contact different Spirit representatives with different contact numbers for three day'straight for which I complied. I had Approx $ 1300.00 in account with you to reinstate for future flight business. With no dis respect to your company every contact person I spoke with had minimal English speaking ability's and had very little concern for the personal of the near loss of my fathers life or situation. I realize every Corporation has guidelines and regulations for which you regulate your business. I indicated my loyalty and devotion to promoting your Corporation and exceptional service to me and all refereed clientele. I indicated that understanding a penalty or deduction of value of my monetary value in escrow or holding was understandable. I was told basically all value was non-redeemable and their was no regard to my personal situation or past loyalty.

As the President of my Corporation and a strong supporter of Spirit Airlines I was very disappointed with the response's.

As a member of your Airlines I receive a minimum of one to two e-mails from you regarding flight opportunities on a weekly basis. I would think being you were holding $1300.00 of my money on account that you would have the courtesy of letting me know my exportation date of re-booking date was coming to a closure date.

As a professional business owner I would appreciate you contacting me to resolve this issue in an avenue to appease both involved to continue a long term relationship.


Timothy T Sweeney



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