I used to travel trough USA to my country Colombia using Spirit Airlines since 2011.

Yesterday Wednesday the 18 December, I had a fly at 2:00 am. From Plattsburgh, Fort Lauderdale, Bogotá. Me and my son.

At the counter de lady asked me for a document legal about traveling alone with my son. I gave to her 2 documents, one from Canada in French and another one in Spanish from Colombia. Both of them are legal and I have used every where even USA without any problem even since 2011 with the same company..

The lady her name is Calexis, she said to me: I'm sorry this document is not valid to me because I don't read Spanish.

I tried to explain I have used this documents all the time with the same company and she says No, I dont speak Spanish."

If you were in FortLauredale there is no problem because there are a lot of employers who speak Spanish, but not here".

So the problem is not the document, is the fact that the lady cannot understand Spanish.

"if I were in Fortlauradale no problem".. so??

She went to speak to the Manager, and even thought they made a call to the government office, and they let me to talk to the guy who answer the phone, he asked me a lot of questions verifying the information and he said everything was right you can go to your country.

And even tough the government officer said everything was ok, the Spirit Air line manager and the personal said NON.

My question is: what is the difference between taking my son outside USA by plane and taking my son out by car since I live in Canada? I cross the border almost twice in a month.

They sale fly Plattsburgh-Montréal area, does means there is a lot of people coming from Montréal to Plattsburgh.

They have web page English Spanish, so Spanish is accepted.

She said " It' is the law, I dont care your life story, your problems, you cannot take the plane. I dont wanna lose my job for you."

Why did she apply the American Law going'' by plane, and no one has applied the law when I went back home in Montréal with my son OUTSiDe USA?

I would like to know what can I do. Ii called the company, and the solution is giving to me my money back.

And what about my son health?, he is sad, upset.. y very sad, a lot of pain, frustration, crying because his hope for Christmas time was spending time with our family.

I have used the same documents several times in Bogotá, in Fort lauradale, and even Plattsburgh, why last night the document wasn't right if the officer government on the phone said she can go. ?

They did not care about my son sadness his pain, tears, and frustrations. Merry Christmas a Calexis and remember life is a circle.

They were aggressive, impolite, rudes, and threat me and my son like criminals.

Anyone can help me please. Kevinoke@hotmail.com to contact me please.

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