Atlantic City International Airport, Egg Harbor City, NJ, United States
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I just booked I went to get seats the girl said we would not be siting together she wanted me to buy seats big scam then I found out no water no soda nothing AFTER YOU BUY THE TICKET. I WOULD NEVER fly THIS AIRLINE AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE ON MY FACEBOOK page NOT TOO on top of all your S----- you want me to write 100 words THIS IS THE WORST AIRLINES EVER. THIS IS THE WORST AIRLINES EVER I WILL NEVER FLY THIS IF IT WAS HALE THE PRICE IF I HAD STOCK I WOULD SELL IT IF MY FRIENDS HAVE STOCK IWILL TELL THEM TO SELL IT

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: S------.

I didn't like: Lying to customer, Marketing gimmicks.

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Even the dumbest person alive can't miss the extremely obvious statements of extra costs for the seats, water, snacks, etc. I just popped on Spirit's website and all of this information was literally staring me in the face moments after starting to look at flights. This one's on you.




Stupidity, party of one. These things are all laid out CLEAR AS DAY when you purchase a ticket with Spirit.

That's why I love frills, but cheap. You were the idiot who didn't check before buying.

to Anonymous #1391393

Having problems with Spirit? Call Customer Relations Manner Hillary Jurgensen direct at (954)447-7905


"he wanted me to buy seats big scam "

Big scam, get real. You agreed to it when you booked your tickets.

Did you not see the extra cost to sit together and choose your seats?

Of course you did but you thought you could wait to get to the airport and haggle. Why not, no on would dare refuse you face to face.

"If you don't select a seat we'll assign random seats at check-in for free, but we can't guarantee that you will get to sit with your friends or family"

"no water no soda nothing "

"We have plenty of additional extras and services listed below - snacks and drinks, too.

All of it costs something, because the Bare Fare is unbundled. You never pay for someone else’s options. Even if you purchase a few extras, it’s likely you’ll fly with us for less than any other airline." You were saying... They tell you up front on their site they have stuff but it's going to cost you.

What did you think, this was the 60's and you were boarding an old Pan Am flight. Dig this, you didn't bother to read the terms of conditions you lied and said you agreed to before clicking the button. This is on you.

P.S. Please don't waste time responding you are going with the tired old "you must work for(insert company)" just because I pointed out your fails backed up with logic and facts.

to Anonymous #1402094

I fly Spirit occasionally. I knew from the fist time I booked a flight that everything, and I mean everything was a cost.

Did you think that the price you paid compared to other airlines was so inexpensive because they had some "secret" way of making money with lower fares....they will make it up in volume?

Spirit should not have a bad rep, it is uniformed flyers that should have the bad rep. These kind of flyers on Spirit want the lowest price for everything but demand the best!!

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