This past May I booked with Spirit Airlines for my vacation to California to visit family. They are known for their abnormally low fares for last-minute travelers, so I decided to experience it.

Well, long story short, they charged me $50 for the same suitcase that my aunt used 2 weeks earlier on their planes that Spirit allowed without charge!!!! They make you measure the dimensions of your luggage within this metal frame thingy, the size of a music box it seemed like! Sure enough, mine was too big and I had to make a scene to display my extreme unhappiness, as I did not give a rat's *** that the other passengers were looking at me because I was sure a lot of those people felt the same way. I was even more infuriated when I boarded, having paid my fee, to find out the cabin space could have fit a horse!

So yes, NEVER AGAIN in my life will I book with evilSpirit Airlines.

The CEO said to compensate for the low fares they "have to" charge you an arm and a leg for your luggage to board. Uh, how come then Delta, United, etc.don't have that problem and their customers stay loyal to them and are even willing to pay higher airfare prices?

Monetary Loss: $50.

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