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My mom and dad where charged for carry on luggage when they should not have been with Spirit airlines. There carryons where 3 inches passed by spirit air rules so they say all lies when they have traveled with the same carryons for years.

It didn't end there.

The manager of that term stand was ver rudeto them not understanding not even because the senior citizens I complained to the airline they don't care never use them flight was overbooked to and late. Your better off flying with major carriers at least they alow you one bag well most do this was an international flight

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Sounds as if "inform yourself" is the CEO of Spirit.

Maybe it's been known but it isn't a fair fee. I talked to many people who didn't pay for the fee online and still had carry on.

I was an honest person and paid the fee upfront and shouldn't have.

nobody checks it anyway.

The thing that got me "pissed" was we didn't make our return flight back due to a death in the family and they refused to refund my carry on fee even though i was never on the plane. We gave them our paid for seats for free since it would have cost $125 each just to cancel them and re-book another flight.


@spirit larceny

thats ridiculous. where have you been for the last 3 years while spirit was all over the news for charging for overhead carry-ons?

thats like saying," i couldnt believe this new horseless carriage required me to purchase and put in GASOLINE! dont use horeless carriages! they have hidden fees and charges!"


Spirit Airlines is another corp in the business of ripping off customers rather than providing a plane ride. I recently needed to get to Las Vegas and, via Travelocity, saw that Spirit was a bit, some $35 as I recall, lower than the next cheapest airline. It was a short trip so I packed a carry-on to avoid the $25 each way checked bag charge. Imagine my surprise to be hit with a $40 CARRY ON BAG CHARGE each way when I arrived at the airport. In addition, there was a $5 charge if you didn’t use their incomprehensible electronic boarding pass dispenser but tried to have a ticket agent issue the pass, instead.

Nothing that I received from either Travelocity or Spirit disclosed these charges, which made using Spirit more expensive than flying American. I pitched a fit both to Spirit and, on the phone, to Travelocity to no avail.

This comes out to a grand total of $90 in hidden charges on a ticket advertised and sold at a price of $223. A mere 40% rate of larceny.

At the airport Spirit employees tried to justify their theft by telling me that the charge was disclosed on their website. But I had been on the website to find the terminal and gate numbers and had seen nothing. No one could tell me WHERE on the website the charge disclosure was hiding and the gate agent was unable to find the information when I demanded that he show it to me.

Of course, this begs the question of how a customer/muppet would even know to look for a charge that, according to Travelocity, is not imposed by any other airline in the country. I didn’t look for a carry on bag or boarding pass charge because I never heard of such things. I also didn’t look for extra charges on dog owners, women or people who like the color red.

Sadly, you have to treat every single entity you do business with as an adversary which will do everything possible to rob you blind.

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