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We arrived at our destination @ 9pm, but for some reason, one of the spirit airline plane was in front of us. So we had to wait for 15-20 minutes for them to move. After 20 minutes, the pilot said the plane ahead of us is malfunctioned and needed to be fixed. So we cannot deplane. We had to wait till they move. Another 20 minute wait. During this time, the flight attendants announced, "please remain back in your seats, if you don't do so, we will miss our...."and didnt finish the rest.

Angry customers were yelling, "WHAT?! miss what?!" we are just waiting here. What could we possibly miss?

Another 20 minute wait after the pilot promised another 20 minute wait.

Finally after 1hr and 45 minutes, we could get off the plane.

Are there no other options and flexibility? Like asking a partner or ask the airport for support and let us use one of the many open gates? Go to another spirit gate perhaps? It cannot be occupied 24/7! Get us a stairway so we could just get off from the ground floor? I got insurance for accidental death and dismember, i would rather do that than wasting almost 2 hours of my life wondering when I could get off the stupid plane.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Spirit Airlines Cons: Not flexible, No brain.

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I don't understand when you say "I got insurance for accidental death or dismeber.Iwould rather do that then sit around for 2 hours".what does that even mean?you would rather die or be dismember then wait?and what is this insurance you speak of,airlines offer travel protection if your travel plans change.that's it.As far as finding another gate its not that easy.It cost the airlines $1000's to rent the gates so they only lease what they need.Also the airport/ground control directs the pilot to what gate.He can't go against what they say.And passengers might be waiting to get on that plane,so if they park at a different gate they would have to move passengers over as well.And to do so they have to make sure they have agents and assistants to move people/catering/fueling/moving bags over ECT.Its not as easy as just parking at another gate.Also not all parking spots /gates are the same Some gates/jet bridges can only fit certain aircraft.So there may have been another gate but your particular aircraft may have been to big,tall or wingspan to wide ECT.And as far as getting stairs and letting you off is also not as simple.if you are at an airport that uses jetbridges they may not have stairs available also the size thing is the same with could be they had stairs but they didn't fit with the aircraft.Remember planes come in many sizes and length from the ground to the aircraft door varies depending on aircraft.Also at some airports,for satey and security airline passengers are not allowed to be deplaned on the tarmac/apron.My point is airline operations will consider and weigh all options to try to get you to the gate.Until the aircraft is parked at the gate or "blocked in"wheels parked at the gate the airplane is considered late.And it costs airlines $1000's of dollars every MINUTE a airplane is late.that's thousands a me they want to get you to your gate.


"let us use one of the many open gates?" That is the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. Look what happened when one plane was out of position.

What do you think would happen if they just moved to one of those open gates and messed up the whole plan? Yeah, you didn't think. Better to disrupt one plane than many.

Sorry it was yours but this is flying... Take the car the next time...