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This is the first and only time I will fly Spirit Airlines! I got the tickets in a package deal with hotel and rental car to Vegas. We got onto the website 24 hours prior to leaving to check in and realized that there is NO BAGs included in the price, even a carry on would have a charge! We bought one suitcase for myself and my spouse and it cost $30 each way, which was not refundable. Good thing we did that, because at the airport it would have been $100 each way! We got on the plane and flying, and realized that it is cheaper because there is no foot-room and the seats do not move...

The morning we were leaving Vegas, we tried to check in for our flight for over an hour from our hotel. Their website was down. When I called Customer Service, once they hung up on us, once they told me it was the wrong number and the third time they told me I did no have a reservation for the flight that day. Also, they let us know that if we had to check-in at the airport, that would be an extra $10 charge per ticket. We drove to the airport to get it figured out and wasted most of the day just trying to get boarding passes. When it was time to board the flight, the whole plane was sitting at the gate, the gate agent came up and announced that our flight would be cancelled. Everyone looked around, surely she couldn't be talking to us when the flight is scheduled to leave in 30 minutes?

She announced again that the flight was cancelled and directed everyone to go back to the counter to be re-booked. I was the third person in line back at the ticket counter and when we spoke to the first agent, we were sent back to the end of a line that stretched the entire concourse. Apparently they had cancelled three flights that day, and people had been waiting hours to be helped. The agent divided the people into their different destinations and we were again in the line to get redirected. This attempt to help everyone almost caused a riot amongst the previously cancelled passengers because they had apparently been standing there for several hours. Spirit called in the Sheriff (5 officers) to guard the whole process.

After about an hour of standing there, we realized that they had not given us a tag for our bag when we checked in... we were not told how or where to collect our luggage without asking. When they started helping the people in our line, it was quickly rumored that they would only refund half the ticket cost or we could get a flight on Wednesday (we were flying on Sunday night) but they would not be assisting in accommodations because the flight was cancelled because of "weather". I immediately got on a travel website and booked another flight home. We had already missed flights on 2 different airlines waiting in this line. I asked if we could straighten this out over the phone and I was told that if I left the line, I would be leaving any refund or ticketing behind. When we finally got to the agent (again!), the next available flight was Thursday. I asked for a refund and she told me this would take up to 5 days to process. I didn't even discuss the amount that was being refunded, and the baggage fee was gone.

Explain to me how Spirit was the only airline cancelling flights that day? How did all the other flights get back to Denver, and the destinations of the other cancelled flights, but Spirit did not fly? We will never fly this airline again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Spirit Airlines Cons: Hidden fees, Carry-on charge, Poor customer service, Refuse to refund.

  • Spirit Airlines Sucks
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Weather delays and cancllations can be caused by the plane or the crew being stuck somewhere else. With low cost airlines that have limited equipment and crew, this can easily happen.

Because Spirit does not have business relationships with other airlines, they cannot send the stranded passenger on another airline. It can only send them on their own flights, which is why the could only fly you out days later. That is one of the disadvantages of low cost airlines.

I would think that you had to stand in line to establish that you had been delayed.

Without that, Spirit would not know who was actually delayed and who had voluntarily chose not to fly. Since this was your return trip, i would suspect the refund will be less than 50% of the original ticket price.