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I did a first reservation with Spirit Airline, the computer tells me the reservation expired because I waited more than 10minutes. I did a new one, on the return flight I changed the time of return, it didn't make a diference to me the time, and finished the reservation. two minutes later I see my credit card is charged twice $645, I called to explain, after two hours with a customer service guy from india and his manager.. all they can tell me is "I'm sorry sr but our policy is that we can't cancel the reservation because the return time are not the same" I explained him that the time did not matter to me, the computer told me it expired... "I am sorry srrr but nothing I can do" Who would think for a second that a company like Spirit Air would Scam honest customers for $645 ? it's unreal. you have to experience it to believe it. If I needed one thing to screew up my trip, they did it!

Guys do youself a favor and pay a few bock more and get yourself a ticket with a regular airline.

Max Mergui

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I had was also double charges. I went to Fort Lauderdale airport and found a customer service rep by the name of Tom Russo who explained that I clicked twice and thats why I was double charged. He helped resoulve the issue.


Learn how to use a computer and do not think too long

to spirit Beverly, New Jersey, United States #950361

Its not about thinking, as I can tell you don't think before you speak. The site times out and states you need to start over again.

No email confirmation about the first purchase. This same thing happened to me when i booked a flight. A session timed out when the warning message says don't click back button please wait! Waited and it timed out, called and they showed 2 tickets in my name, one with the confirmation number of the retry and no confirmation number tied to the session time out order.

If i didn't check my statement right away this would have gone through.

Most people i deal with who have placed tickets online with spirit run into this issue or worse. Since this happen I will no longer fly this airline since the website looks like a middle school summer class designed it.

to Golf Ballzzzzzz #1160091

I encountered the same issue. I honestly believe that it is their intent to have you charged twice.

Why would they have their website time out right before they are about to make a sale? It's not a secure website, you don't have any information that would constitute a time out for security reasons. On top of this, I opted out of travel insurance. They tacked it on anyway.

And I have to call the insurance agency to get that money back. Wish me luck on this flight.

Cause if the flight goes anything like my experience so far... They may be pulling my body out of the sea!

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