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After six hours at the airport (SPIRIT kept us stuck inside of airplane for three hours due to mechanical issues according to the constant speech given by the Capitan) the SUCKY, UNRELIABLE, NO COSTUMER ORIENTED airlines SPIRIT decided to cancel the flight. They use the “bad weather” excuse.

They didn’t make any effort to get another airplane or accommodate people in hotels, the only thing that the “costumer service” representatives told us was to wait in a long line in order to provide us with some phone number to get reimburse for the cancelation. Stubborn enough, I went to check on the departure board for other cancelations due to the “weather” and what a surprise…NO other company announced any cancelation!! In fact, Spirit had schedule one flight to Detroit and another to Fort Lauderdale an hour after my flight. The use the weather excuse so they won’t have to pay for hotels or other expenses due to their flight cancelation!!!

People DO NOT USE SPIRIT airlines, they will do what they like with you!!

And they will charge you $45 for a carry on!!!!! Ugh!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Spirit Airlines Cons: Horrible services.

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You have absolutely NO idea what issues the weather could have been playing. I'm so tired of hearing people say it wasn't really the weather as though they have a clue.

Flights get cancelled.

If you fly an economy airline like Spirit, don't expect your money back. Easy peasy.


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