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Spirit Airlines used to be popular in my book, that was until they started charging me extra fees for 2 different account for a period of 3 years.

When trying to be fair with them, I got no where. I spoke with one "manager" in Bangalore, India named Michael Bay for over an hour and half until he disconnected our conversation by putting my on hold for over 15 minutes simply because he "couldn't help me."

Its very simple. You charged me twice for one service. Refund me once!

Can't do it. Well, then let me speak to someone in you collections or refund department. No such department exists! Then how will I get a refund, "I'll send your complaint to their department."

Thats right, first there is no department, then he'll send it to them, then when I want to speak with someone there is no one. Then when I want to speak to someone in the U.S., "we have no one in the U.S."

So don't waste your time with Spirit. Sure you can get a cheap flight. Just don't bring your bags, and cancel your subscription to the 9 dollar fare club immediately. And pray. Because no matter what, as soon as they get your money, its theirs and no matter how bad or irresponsible their service is. They won't give it back.

Who can do something about this, if not us? I've written to the SC attorney general. I've filed with the BBB. But Spirit is still here, and they're still crooked.

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Huntington, New York, United States #594944

Spirit airlines should be investigated for its fraudulent business practices.

Stay away from spirit airlines


To the OP, I just got off the phone w/ a "Michael Bay" also just now. (How fun he shares that name with a famous movie director).

This company is EXTREMELY shady. PLEASE, people, beware!!!

I've been over-billed too. I tried to cancel my membership (which I never wanted in the first place...I just wanted the cheap fare). I couldn't log in to their website to do so, so I requested their "password reset" option for a few days running. I NEVER was sent an email w/ my "new" password and information on how to access my account online. However, they do send numerous emails weekly regarding their promotions. Funny how they can do send out those kinds of emails with no problem.

Well, these thieves also have NO 800-number on their site. It's virtually impossible to get to their "customer service" unless you go to Google and research to see what their phone number is. For future reference, it's: 800-772-7117.

After going back-and-forth for 40 minutes, I was transferred to a "floor manager" named "Michael Bay" (Seriously, if you're going to choose a fake name, is it because you want such a popular one that when someone tries to Google you there are a zillion search results?! Next thing you know they'll have a "John Smith").

They don't refund your money. I explained that I am not in a financial position to afford the $59.95 charge; that I'd love to travel if I could, but that at this point in life those $60 need to go for rent, food and gasoline. They don't care. I explained how I'd been trying to cancel for days and couldn't get thru, next thing you know, they're billing my card. I wasn't allowed to cancel, I couldn't log in. This entire operation is shady!!! I was finally given a $59.95 credit for future travel--which is great, assuming I could afford to travel, which I CANNOT. Oh, and you must book a flight within 60 days of receiving said credit. UNBELIEVABLE, these people.

I told "Michael Bay" that he should be ashamed, and that I knew HE knew he worked for a shady *** company, and that I hoped one day he'd leave it and go to a reputable one. Indians are generally such good people, and they truly believe in karma...well, this Michael Bay needs to watch out, because what he has coming back to him is unreal.

Spirit Airlines is bad folks, please don't fly them, even if you think it's your only options. They are rip-off artists and have no Customer Service. They'll place you on hold forever in the hopes that you'll get fed up and hang up. It's very frustrating because they have no empathy or sympathy and will absolutely NOT refund your money, even when they've taken it unjustly. Beware, please!!!


just *** spirit

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214403

Shut up you ***. You must work at Sprint for you do defend them.

Stop lying for your company and give me my money back ***. How does it feel for a company to rip off people who are trying to make ends meet.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214402

"Their",department may not be called a refund department. It could have a different name that deals with refunds.

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