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Did you know that Spirit Airlines baggage handlers and TSA employees have a license to steal from your baggage?

I recently took a Spiritair flight from Atlantic City to Fort Myers Florida. In Florida I discovered, upon opening my bag when I got to my destination, that a Magellan GPS that I had for a present was missing from my bag. I figured that it had probably been stolen in AC, since my bag was in the AC airport for 2 hours, but only in the Ft. Myers airport for about 15 minutes, so I decided to report it when I returned to AC.

When I arrived back at the AC Airport 2 days later I asked a policeman who I should report a theft to. He informed me that I had to file with Spirit Airlines since they had checked the bag. When I went to the Spiritair representatative I was told that, sorry, I was out of luck – claims must be made within 4 hours. However, if I wanted to claim it on my homeowners policy they would assist me.

Neither the police or the airline were even remotely interested in following this up as a theft. Apparently the Baggage handlers and inspectors are aware of this and have carte blanche to take whatever they want. How many people unpack within 4 hours of landing, and check every item in their suitcase? And if you do try to call the airline it is usually impossible to actually get through to a human.

I really did not have any hope that I was going to get my GPS back, or be compensated for it, but I couldn't believe that there wouldn't be someone wanting to see that thefts like this are stopped. There is not even a way that you could tell how rampant this is, as no one is keeping records!!

I would think that there is a relatively small number of people that would have handled my bag that morning, and that it would be a relatively short list of Spirit and TSA employees who could be identified as possible suspects. If this was done each time, I don't think it would take long to isolate the perpetrator.

Until someone decides to do something, don't pack anything that you don't want stolen when you check in for a SpiritAir flight!!

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I can assure you that it was not TSA. All TSA employees are on comera and reviewed continuously.

If there is a complaint, the digital tape can zoom in on a fingernail, if necessary. Once it leaves TSA hands, it goes on a belt and is no longer on tape.

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