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Spirit Airlines is a shoddy dishonest corporation that should be avoided. They may appear to have good rates, but they have HORRIBLE service, are apt to cancel flights at the last minute, and will lie to you and try to avoid given you a refund even when they leave you stranded thousands of miles from home.

We flew from Puerto Rico to Ft. Lauderdale, and then on to Washington DC with Spirit. Two hours before starting the return flight (same itinerary in reverse), a Spirit agent called and told us that the Ft. Lauderdale to PR. leg had been "downgraded" and that we "probably wouldn't get seats"!!!

We were of course totally confused by this, but when we pressed for information all we could get out of this agent (yes, an Indian national, from the sound of his English), was that Spirit was using a smaller plane, and that, therefore, we MIGHT not get a seat. He then wanted US to make a decision to either cancel the entire return flight, or just part of it. And, we would then get credit ONLY for the parts we canceled. Since we had no other way home, we really didn't know what to do, so we managed to get him to promise that we could try to find some other way home and then call back and make our decision. Fortunately, we were able to book with Jet Blue the next day, so we asked for the bigger refund. Supposedly we will get it, but we would not be surprised if they cheat us out of it, or part of it.

In any case, even if we do get the refund they promised, we are still out several hundred dollars and a day stuck in Washington DC. Spirit obviously couldn't care less about us. They also lied to us repeatedly when we called them, and gave us the run-around. So DON'T BOOK WITH SPIRIT AIRLINES! IF THEY TREAT CUSTOMERS THIS BADLY, IMAGINE HOW THEY MAINTAIN THEIR PLANES. INCONVENIENCE IS ONE THING, YOUR LIFE IS ANOTHER. DON'T RISK IT WITH SPIRIT!!!

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People need to inform themselves about what buying a ticket means. Also don't let anyone tell you over the phone that you will not have a seat.

If you purchase a ticket and have a confirmed itinerary then you need to arrive "EARLY" at the airport and check in. The earlier you arrive the better chance of a guaranteed seat. When the plane is oversold first the airline will announce if anyone is willing to give up their seat on the plane and if you no one is willing then the last people that checked in will be asked to give up their seats.

Check in early with plenty of time and you will have no problems. Good luck.

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