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I booked a flight for July 17 this year only to fine out that the date was changed to June 17 of this year by Spirit. I was checking on the amount of bags purchased on our reservation per my wife's request when I notice that 0 bags had been purchased (July 3 clearly after June 17).

I contacted spirit customer service (which is horrible by the way) and was informed that we were considered a no show and the ticket value was voided. I informed the several agents that I spoke to regarding the situation that I never received confirmation and that I should be given a credit toward the purchase of another ticket. ($2000). I was informed that it's company policy and there is nothing they could do.

I informed them that they can write policy until their blue in the face. You can't take someone's money for a service and fail to provide the service under the law that's considered Larceny. I was instructed to contact the corporate office and file a complaint which I did. I haven't heard anything as of yet.

I plan on continuing this fight. I'm not about to give this airline 2000 dollars for nothing. I explained to each person I spoke to that this was an error on there part.

"Who buys tickets and just fails to show up without a call cancellation or date change?" "Who does that?" Stay away from this airline. Never again.

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"Who buys tickets and just fails to show up without a call cancellation or date change?" "Who does that?" - Many people, It happens every day. Airline often oversell due to no-shows.

Maybe in your world people don't do it. Perhaps whenever the tickets were purchased you didn't carefully examine the date.

I certainly would have done so. Call it whatever you want, but it was an error completely on YOUR part.

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