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I will never do business with spirit again and I will share this story with everyone willing to listen. At no time was I advised by spirit airlines nor Priceline nor kayak that I must check in 45 minutes in advance. I was there 30 minutes in advance but was not allowed to use the first part of my ticket. I was forced to buy another one way ticket from Delta. I should have used delta from the beginning. When it was time to come home spirit airlines said they decided to cancel my paid reservation and forced me to purchase the same ticket again I had already paid for. By trying to do business with Spirit it cost me an additional $513. I would like a refund asap

Lillie Sayles


Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1257134

Who checks in 30 minutes in advance? LOL! Dumb-dumb.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1253300

LOL so do you think you can just arrive at the airport 30 mins before the departure and just stroll onto the plane?

And if you miss one part of a travel leg the whole segment gets canceled.

Thats in the terms and conditions you didn't read.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1235197

When spending a large amount for airfare it is always smart to know what the terms and conditions are that you agree to when you bought your tickets.all the information is there.all airlines have check in time requirements and that is why all airlines recommend you arrive two hours have to have your boarding pass and bags checked takes more than 30 min.they will not refund you for your failure to follow rules.


Why dont you go look at Dlta complaints. Theres a guy there saying he will NEVER fly Delta again because he arrived for the flight 44 minutes ahead of the flight and they wouldn't let him board bcause he was late.

ALL airlines have the SAME time limit. Looks like you are going to be doing a LOT of driving in the future.


Just dont fly spirit and lets hope they go out of business. You could have checked in and been fine but they chose to be difficult and rude. Does bad customer service win over the long run?


Don't lie, it is not becoming. The Spirit Airlines website states that tickets are cancellable if "The customer does not have a printed boarding pass in-hand at least 45 minutes prior to the (original) scheduled departure time for all domestic flights." The Priceline website says "Airline tickets available through this Site are subject to the published conditions of carriage and rules, including but not limited to cancellation policies, of the applicable airline." Kayak website states "Further, the terms of the actual travel provider (airline, hotel, tour operator, etc.) apply to your travel, so you must also agree to and understand those terms."

So you were repeatedly told that conditions applied to your ticket, but you apparently were too lazy to actually read what the ticket you bought required.

Further Kayak required that you "agree to and understand [the airline] terms when you buy you ticket.

Were you lying when you checked the box saying you had read and agreed to the terms applicable to the ticket you bought. That's what happens to people who are lazy and dishonest.

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