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DO NOT FLY SPIRIT!! I have flown my entire life, through ALL airlines and I can honestly say that Spirit Airlines is the absolute WORSE airline in the US.

I stood in line for over 45 minutes, made it to the front of the line for one of the Spirit reps to FORCE me to the back of another line. Once I made it to the front of that line they told me I missed check-in by 3 minutes on a flight that wouldn't takeoff for another 42 minutes!! My 6 year old was crying & I was furious!! I had to spend $2,000.00 on a one-way flight to make our vacation a reality.

All while these people stood there and watched my son cry.

I WILL NEVER fly Spirit again and I urge anyone who has to fly to choose a reputable company and not fly Spirit.

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ABSOLUTELY the worst airline. P E R I O D.

Paid an additional $59.95 to become a member, for a year, of their so-called $9 Fare Club...BUT THEY DON'T ALLOW ME TO BOOK the Fare Club rates!

No email responses, no help from the ticket agents, no way online to remedy this. %59.95 was just a theft of my money since I got nothing for it!

And of course the REST of their so-called's truly a wonder a super-pissed off customer has not "gone postal" on them and gotten them some more bad publicity. I feel like I might vomit whenever I see one of their careless-attitude employees.


Worst wife and I've ever been on, going ord to bos good, what we paid for, BUT return bos to ord abysmal!!! First delayed then cancelled then a four hour wait in line to a spirit counter/agent, there was at least another hours worth of line behind us.

Well no refund on our checked baggage which never flew, yes we got a nice room over night but who gives a ****, we were to tired to even see the pool much less swim in it, had to get out the door about 4:30 am to start the flights home and so no breakfast, (I hear it was very! nice), but we did get a *** before bed, a burger for her, a bowl of soup for me and split a bottle of average sort of wine for a total of almost $70 incl tip.

Spirit did'nt offer one dime for meals required due to their failure to deliver and as for their all sooooo generous offer of a $50 flight credit the can ***** !!$# %^$% . We will never fly spirit again.


WOW!!! I don't understand why there hasn't been a class action suit against Spirit Airlines thus far !

NEVER AGAIN and I would advise all travelers to spend the small difference in $$ to save yourself immeasurable pain & heartache!


TRUE! BUT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH!! I even have their credit card that they promote to you at the plane - it used to have a special bonus of 50,000 miles( catchy ) so I decided to check it out - the card came 3 months later with 15 ,000 miles instead (and I have above 800 credit score, so that was their 'maximum') BUT what is aslo not disclosed :

you can not redeem these miles prior 90 days ( one has to schedule 90 days at least prior to flying round trip on only specific dates and flights ) pretty much - forget about reward flights!

And if you dont purchase at least 1 purchase within their billing cycle you loose all of your rewards! they'll be just gone :))

AND if they dont board you on a flight - for whetever reason( which we all know by now is because it was sold to smo else because of overbooked previous flights and delays) - or like making you wait on another line and then they dont board you on your flight you' have just missed'- even if you were all along right there; not only do they forfeit your flight of that day -YOUR RETUR TICKET GETS CANCELLED TOO! no refunds, no explanations! - if they dont board you on the first flight, you lose the second - return flight too! now tell me- dont you feel you got off easy just buying a one way ticket instead?

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