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I was vacationing with my family in Orlando, Florida from Tuesday, November 29 to Sunday, December 4, 2011. On Friday, December 2, I received a voicemail from Spirit airlines.

It was hard to understand because the woman had a very thick Indian accent, but from what I could understand from the message, she said that our flight has been downgraded for December 4th and I needed to call them to be accommodated. So I call back (while I'm in Disney World) and she says the flight from Orlando to Atlantic City has been cancelled due to mechanical issues. So I ask why they can't get another plane by Sunday, since it is Friday afternoon. She said they were unable to do that and I would have 3 options in order to get home.

OPTION #1-Fly out Monday, December 5th at our original time 10:44am-12:57pm, OPTION #2- Fly to Ft. Lauderdale at 8:50am, arrival time 9:50am. Then depart Ft. Lauderdale at 3:15pm and arrive in Atlantic City at 5:35pm.

That's SIX HOURS of doing nothing!!! OPTION #3- Drive to Ft. Lauderdale and take the flight there later that day. I had NO choice but to choose Option#2 since I had to be at work Monday morning and Ft.

Lauderdale was a 4 hour drive from Orlando! I asked how would I be compensated for the inconvenience because my mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and is in a wheelchair and she said we would each receive a $500 voucher for a future round trip flight. I would need to call back to get the voucher number so I called the next day (Saturday) and the man would not give me the numbers! After arguing with him for several minutes that I was entitled to it, he eventually gave them to me and said that I had 2 months to book a flight because after that, the vouchers would expire.

So I ask him what date would they expire and he tells me December 31, 2011! Ummmm…that's not 2 months!

Fast forward Sunday, December 4th. We arrive at the airport and check in by 6:45am.

As we sat at our gate waiting to board the place, I looked over at the next gate and to my SHOCK, my original flight to Atlantic City was flying out ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I immediately approach the woman behind the Spirit counter and ask if that was a mistake and she said NO! So explained that the plane was changed from a bigger plane to a smaller plane, therefore people had to be bumped off the flight! The flight was cancelled and downgraded.

So I ask, how do they determine who gets bumped off? She says they do it by when you book your reservation. I booked my reservation in early September and the plane was very empty so that was a LIE! So I call the customer service number and I get a man with a very thick Indian accent and I ask him why I was bumped off the place.

He could not provide an explanation so I told him to transfer me to a manager. The manager, David Waters with an even THICKER Indian accent tells me that he has in his computer that I agreed to be bumped off the flight!!!!! I ask him why the *** I would agree to that, especially when I have my mother in a wheelchair!!!!!!! No explanation again!

I told him I was NEVER given the option of being on the smaller plane! I told him to play the conversation from Friday, since they claim they record it and he said he was unable to do that!! And from my observations from our Ft. Lauderdale flight, there was only 1 other family that was also flying back to Atlantic City which was 2 older grandparents with their young grandchild.

So they couldn't find room for 6 people on the new flight???? WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!!

And I will NOT be using the vouchers because it is NOT worth the aggravation and wasted time! AND the REFUSED TO GIVE ME CORPORATE'S PHONE #!!!

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