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I travel at least once a month for work. And being the current state of the market, I will typically shop online for the lowest price.

For this specific trip I found Spirit Airlines, which I've never flown before, to be by far the lowest in price (about $280 roundtrip from Las Vegas to Dallas).

But, this is absolutely NOT the case. To my dismay, the maximum weight allowed on Spirit is 40lbs, unlike every other airlines I've flown. In my opinion, this is a ruse designed by Spirit Airlines to appear to be competitively priced, and hit you will hidden and unwarranted fees.

I checked in two bags which they charged $85. And because I was a few lbs over on each (again 10 lbs less than every other airline), they charged me $25 each bag, totaling $50. Then they charged me $45 for my carry on. I couldn't believe it.

Additionally, there was a question that popped up asking if I wanted a "more comfortable seat". I didn't think anything of it, and passed but that fee was $65.

I print my boarding pass and speak with an agent to deliver my bags. I ask her of there's any isle seats available and she literally told me that if she did anything besides take my bag, she would have to charge me $5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Upon taking my first flight on this airlines, and staring at my seats on this dinosaur of an airplane and immediately remember the question that popped up on the kiosk asking me if I wanted a more comfortable seat. THESE SEATS WERE DESIGNED FOR MIDGETS! I'm by no means the height of a pro basketball player but this was out of control.

So bad, in fact, that when the gal in front me reclined her seat back, her seat was touching the brim of my baseball cap. SERIOUSLY?!?!?

So, to recap, $83 for checked in bags, $45 for personal items, $50 for being 4 lbs over 40, and $5 should I need to speak to any "live" person.

That's $183 each way, or $366 round trip, which is WAY more than the competition AND MORE THAN I PAID FOR THE TICKET!!!! When adding everything together I paid $646, which is almost $300 more than any other airlines online.

This is a new airlines trying to capture the market with an 'ala carte' model; which is completely fine except hiding costs is inappropriate and borderline fraudulent.

I think this is completely out of control. This new airlines deserves to be out of business. How can a company attempt to try to find a niche by taking advantage of people?

I looked up reviews for this company and each were ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Not a single positive review.

I do not plan on ever flying on this airline again and if you're considering them, STAY AWAY. You'd be better off hitch hiking to your next destination rather than flying with them.

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