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Sat in emergency row...the stewardess was rude from get go... bad attitude , took her position way above ...

didnt give us a chance to pick up my bag off floor ...yelled at me about reading the emergency manual...i smiled at what my bf was saying to me in private , she basically told me like a child what was funny her job is laugh had nothing to do w her....rude...sat across from me and basically told me ti be nice ...well that was it ... let her have it...

she lucky i had to work next day .... she was a rude ***..

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Mar 01, 2017.
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Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #1307841

Please stop. I watch the the crew fall apart when an elderly man passed out.

No one knew what they were doin. No one took a pulse or kept his neck safe .. i work in an emergency dept .. with full credentials.

To save lives ..and prepared with many distaster drills .. these people with there 2 hr basic course would crumble.. i said all need to.. fact..

stop trollin this site for you clearly work for that ghetto airline ..

this site is for consumers... enough


Spirit is awful and reviews prove it... i made sure to do plenty of research. Thats a big word to waitress on the sky

to user32392684 #1304234

Flight crew are not waitresses in the sky,they are the ones who will save you if you have a heart attack in the air or give you cpr if you quit breathing.If theres an emergency evacuation they are the ones who will make sure you along with everyone else gets off the plane even if it puts their lives in danger.


Also to the anonymous comment... i was brief in what events took place on that horrible 2 hr trip..

i was brief.. but trust this when i made formal complaint to corp at spirit in full detail what happen they gave me credit to another flight☺ ... u like the in depth of what happen please leave your email here . I was being kind...

and i will sit where and when i want... those people know we at the mercy of there miserable attitudes and have to take being treated like ***.. well think again ... telling her off would have well been worth it...she needs to learn to treat the customer with respect since i payin her wages...

and my bf and i will smile and be happy when we want ...smiling doesnt prevent me from hearing ..i in my job have to be multy talented and can handle more than serving a soda... also as i see it.. most stewardess cant get there own man...seems they like my man ? please save ur drama...

for the airplane... let me kno when you all have a real emergency...


Also what my bf and i discuss was none of her buisness. She looked like she needed rest..

your comments are geared towards air line waitresses in the sky... and if she would have treated us like the overpaying customers we are then she wouldnt have got a child like attitude ...i am the customer...she is the worker .... for the record we had books open , listen and did all the hag wanted ... some people let there little jobs go to there head...

and when the plane goes down i like others wont remeb her or her *** book... being in many emergency drills... things dont go that way...and also i have been on enough flights to know how to use oxygen mask and open a many other qualities i have that the 2 month orientation thats given to the flight crew... also a bus is better than the low class they hire .

My dollar my job makes me cater to all sick, crazy, smelly, ... and fornthe record i would not have been arrested.. i can say what and when i want.. and also emailed corp for spirit and got an apology...

so get all ur facts straight... i can smile when and where i want ..

also a bus would be better... please go back to serving soda and have a good flight ..

to user32392684 #1302195

".i am the customer...she is the worker"

And therein lies the problem child. You came on board as if you were flying a Pan Am clipper(look it up young one)and thought you had a slave that had to bow and scrape to you.

All to often, people like you reveal the true cause of these problems which of course appear to be you.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1301524

Quite clear u are as miserable as the old retired school teacher who treated me like her student ...i am 50, overqualified to sit emergency ro w ... since i work in the ER.




1-How old are you?

2-Did you finish grade school?

Look child, when you sit on the emergency aisle you're saying you will be responsible for opening that hatch in the event of an emergency and perhaps saving lives.

Whatever banal(look it up child) comments your BF were making could have waited until you read the material and listened to the safety brief.

They ask if you can handle the responsibility.

As you were too childish to take it seriously, you should have switched seats with real, literate grown ups.


Regardless to whether you had to work, you wouldn't have done a darn thing other than go to jail for interfering with a flight crew. Next time take the bus.

to Anonymous #1301636

Please read all the post i wrote about this .... get a clue ..

i was being kind in my comment...and brief ...

please save your comments for your waitress friends in the sky.. wake up

to user32392684 #1301641

Trust this as well i not done pursuing this ... she should not be serving people or a rep of that airline...

most of u do that job because they cant handle real.. and get to over use there authority... because they know we have to deal with there miserable selves... we stuck ...

funny we had no problem sitting in the emergency row goin to our destination? We smiled ? Also we didnt complain w no heat in our section ?

So clearly now if you can articulate what i sayin .. so boom

to user32392684 #1302198

Please tell me English is your second language or you were a 10 year going on a field trip to Washington.

"So Boom?"

I hope that when you decide to pursue your banal and lame complaint you speak and write a little better.

Isn't it about time for you to pull some kind of card?

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