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After a year in the making, we booked our 15 year old nephew a trip to Florida to see his GrandMother and us for the Christmas Holiday's. The ticket was purchased on the Spirit website using his Mother's frequent flier number, and our credit card and email.

We received confirmation of incoming and outgoing flights, also stating any alerts would be sent to our email. There was absolutely no notification that the system had repopulated his name, dob and gender back to the frequent flier member, his Mother. So from 8/28 until 12/26 we had no notion that our non transferable non refundable ticket was a computer generated incorrect passenger ticket. The initial Spirit confirmation with no passenger data stated that any alerts/updates would be sent to my email.

I received nothing from that point on. On 12/26 my nephew's parents try to pre board him to no avail. Spirit instructs them I need to call since all Boarding notifications have gone to my email. After pleading with Spirit Airlines, and speaking to three different Manager's for 3 ½ hours we were told the ticket could not be changed despite their acknowledgment it was their webiste.

We were told there were no refunds and the ticket was non transferable despite their website transferring the ticket back to his Mother's name. So the night before he is to go on his fun filled vacation to see his family he is told, he can't. Not only has this broken his heart, it has broken his Grand Mother's. Spirit is simply ruthless with no integrity what so ever.

After being told it was non refundable and transferable they called back 30 minutes later and gave a full refund. I wonder if it is because my husband spoke to them as an attorney, and not just an Uncle.

However, the refund means nothing. We would give anything to have our nephew here for the New Year.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. llrusciano stated that there is a room for improvement of unprofessional organization. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of spirit airlines flight. Spirit Airlines needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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SPIRIT AIRLINE KNOWS HOW TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM CHEATING. As the other commentator said, the frequent flier number belongs to one person.

When you buy a ticket for the child and put the mother's frequent flyer number on it, this appears to be a deliberate attempt by the mother to get frequent flyers miles for herself without flying. Was this what she was doing? Why would the mother's frequent flyer number be put on the ticket but for this purpose? To stop this, all airlines kick back the ticket in the name of the frequent flier.

Yes Spirit Airlines is ruthless against people who try to game the system and those people who have no integrity when trying to get frequent flier mileage off the flights of others.


Frequent Flier numbers are unique to one person, not a family. I'm not surprised this happened.

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