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On September 28 I arrived at the Metro Detroit airport with my aunt at 5:25 am for her 6:00 am flight I was was waiting in the line and got called I approached the service lady and said good morning we need to check in she was so quick to dismiss me and say self check in here is the monitor you got three ways to check in I pressed the monitor and entered my aunt's but it said you can not check in speak to service attendant and I told her so without looking up at me she said where is your flight to I said New York she said you can not go on this flight you missed it I said why its still half an hour and she said you have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before I said since when and where on a contract or on the ticket it says that? She said well it doesn't it they said it on the news and I asked what If you don't watch the news?

She rolled her eyes and said um Internet ? I said what if I don't go on the Internet or even have a computer she looked straight at my aunt who wears a head scarf and who standing next to me and said I quote and as the following " Well since 9/11 and what these people did they said it everywhere" I was ragged at this point from her discriminatory comment and said you do not have to be like that! And say these things! That is not right !

I am just asking for help to get on this flight! And she just disregarded me and said "Next! Who's next in line" I was so angry and said somebody come help me because this lady is being soo rude ! Your employees name is Clemencia!

And she will be slapped with a law suit from me!

For saying this hurtful comment to my very humble aunt! Spirit airline this is an airport and you shouldn't employ racist people who can't deal with different nationalities and who discriminate!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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No Alq not the whole country knows that you are suppose to board the plane two hours earlier besides that is not the point. Because she could have nicely told me so and I would have understood she did not have to be rude and throw hese comments.Besides you don't even know which country is my country Doug to know that you have went to it and say you recieved hate that you could not describe.The country I come from does not treat peopl hostily and with hate and nobody had commited a terrorist act. So your comment is irrelevant and ignorant.


Who the heck arrives at a Metro airport 35 minutes before their flight??? You might not have to arrive 2 hours before your flight but come on now......

no one in their right mind would expect to arrive, check in,, get through security and board a plane after arriving at the airport 35 minutes before the flight! Sounds like you didn't plan accordingly.


Alq and Doug get back to the ticket counter and rip off some more people trying to fly Spirit Airlines


@ Doug and Alq - You guys are ridiculous. First off all, did it occur to you that just because she wears a scarf does not mean that she is not from here??

WTH? Have you lost it? She could be just as much an American as you. And Alq, you ARE NOT required anymore to be at the airport 2 hours early before a flight.

You should really think before you type.

I just flew over the weekend and got there an hour before and did not have any issues at all. Regardless of everything else, the employee was unprofessional, rude and racist.


So Auntie wears a scarf much like the one they wore when they killed 3000 American's and you call them racist.. Really, when I travel to your country there is so much hate I can't describe !


You must be living in a cocoon. Every one in the country knows you have to be at airport two hours prior to flight to get through security check!

Get real and get a life. :cry :cry :cry


You must be living in a cocoon. Every one in the country knows you have to be at airport two hours prior to flight to get through security check!

Get real and get a life. :cry :cry :cry

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