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I have flown with this company four times before and never once was a flight on time, so when flying home after New Year's from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas/Fort Worth I was not surprised to see that the flight board said my flight, instead of leaving at 8:05pm as on my boarding pass, was "on time" and leaving at 8:15pm. I sat in the terminal for about 45 minutes and once the boarding time had passed by about 15 minutes I approached the counter and asked the attendant if there was a problem.

She promptly told me that the flight had been cancelled and I needed to go to the Spirit Airline counter. In fact the flight had been cancelled since 6pm. I was infuriated at the incompetence of this airline to still have the flight boards all over the airport and at the terminal notifying customers of the complete opposite. Once I made it to the spirit airlines counter's long lines I asked one of their personnel which line I needed to be in since my flight was cancelled.

The lady directed me to the wrong line, which I discovered after standing in it for over 45 minutes. When I made it to the counter the woman behind it was rude and lacked basic communication skills. She said I needed to wait for another available flight, but did not say where I should wait, for how long, or provide any information about when the next flight might be. I explained that I needed a flight no later than the following afternoon and she screamed at me that I just had to wait.

So I asked angrily where I was to wait and she just pointed down the counter, so I went there to wait. The person just in front of me and just behind me received morning and afternoon flights, however I was put on a flight with connections that did not start until the following evening. Not only that but they booked me with 9 other people (obviously to save themselves money) which made it impossible to change my flight with the new carrier that night because the group reservations help desk with the new airline carrier (United Airlines) was closed until 9 the following morning. By that time all of the available seats were gone on the earlier flights.

The explanation as to why my flight was cancelled was that they did not have enough of a crew to fly from Dallas. This is ridiculous! No crew, no notification in the airport of my flight being cancelled, terrible customer service with people who either don't know what they are doing or they outright lie to you. Additionally the hotel they provided me, did not have a working toilet, phone or refrigerator.

The vouchers for food (2 of them) were for $7 each and could be used at the hotel or the airport. So I will not reach my final destination for over 36 hours and I am supposed to only eat $14 worth of food?

Worst of all, I will now miss mandatory classes and be penalized at my university because I chose to fly with Spirit.

Monetary Loss: $487.

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Miami, Florida, United States #588454

Spirit is a low class airline and to be avoided at all costs. Use a full service airline and not a group of micky mouse amateurs. They are bad news !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #588399

Now you know why people with any common sense do NOT use Spirit Airlines. Next time pay a bit more, fly with Delta, United, etc.

and get their in comfort and on time(usually). As for Spirit, you know that the President of Spirit Airlines has said, on at least one occasion that I know of, that he really could care less what passengers complain about.

He does not care, period. So, why would you fly with an outfit with an attitude like that??

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