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I checked in online, was 35 minutes early for a midnight red eye flight, where there was NO ONE else in the airport, and they still wouldn't let me even GET to security. They said the flight was closed and that I had not checked in online.

For one, yes, I had checked in online, for two there is NOTHING in any of the emailed paperwork that says I HAVE to be there at least 45 min early, or I miss my flight, and three they talk to you with a forced calm and smug attitude, with a fake smile on their fat face, like your a dumb little child, saying "your the one that missed the flight, ma'am". All I want to scream at them is "AND YOUR THE ONE THAT WON'T LET ME CATCH IT. I STILL HAVE 35 MINUTES BEFORE IT ***, YOU AROGANT PIECE OF....." Well you get the picture. I just can't understand why companies who treat their customers like ignorant children are still in business.

How have we grown accustomed to airlines charging us fee after ridiculous fee? It is absolutely insane the things they charge for these days, and on top of that the disrespect and arrogance they treat their customers with. I usually do not write negative reviews, but I am so tired of being taken advantage of. Is there anyone who has the integrity to earn an honest buck these days??

Instead of taking money from their customers through fees and immoral activities.

F U Spirit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Ms. Harvey,

I am writing to you because of a recent bad experience I have had with Spirit Airlines. March 23rd I was trying to book a flight for my family. I had some issues with the web site and called customer service for some help booking this flight. "Rebecca" answered the phone and was helpful but extremely hard to understand. She had a very heavy accent. I asked her several times to repeat what she had said. The flight was booked however and she gave me a reservation number to refer to P19YPB. March 3rd I was checking my emails and opened the confirmation. The date for departure was May 7th 8:55 no stop to Orlando on flight #801. I remember her giving me this time and flight # but the date was incorrect. On March 3rd I called and spoke with a supervisor. This call lasted approximately 40 minutes. The supervisor informed me he needed to listen to the call to determine who was at fault. At first I didn't understand the reason for this, I just wanted to change my date to the 17th. He returned to the phone and let me know this was an error on my part and I needed to pay $710.00 to change the a flight date that was more the 6 weeks away. This was astounding to me. There was absolutely a miscommunication. Whether it was my fault or not it took him 5 minutes to change the flight to the correct one and charge me again. This flight has now cost me over $1900.00 and I haven't even paid for our baggage yet. My family travels to Florida frequently and this is the first time we tried Spirit. I am extremely disappointed with the service. This corporation has chose to set up a call center in India and if there is a miscommunication they can charge an extra $700.00 dollars. And at the point they have the customer's back against the wall. I had to either pay the extra or book another flight with a different carrier. I didn't appreciate your customer representative talking to me as though I was a child an needed to be scolded for MY mistake. I saw last night on the news a negative story about Spirit and thier costs for the baggage. I wish I had done a little more research before choosing Spirit. The supervisor said I should contact this office to recieve a transcript or a copy of my original phone call.

I sent this email 3 times with no response!

Never fly Spirit I can only hope they are the next to go bankrupt and every rude person I spoke with with be unemployed.


You really need to fly with a major, reputable airline not a fly-by-night cheapo outfit like Spirit. You get what you pay for sometimes. If you want professionalism, fly with any major carrier, eg., Delta, United.

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