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We will NEVER use Spirit Airlines ever again! My ex husband is very Ill and lives in Colorado, he took a turn for the worst and I needed to fly my 16 year old out to see him!

My ex found a cheap ticket through Spirit, booked the flight, when I got to the airport, we printed the ticket, I politely asked for a gate ticket,( American Airline has always given me one) My son is 16 Chicago Ohare is a huge Airport and Never using Spirit I was extremely uncomfortable with just letting him go alone! They refused to give me a gate ticket! Security was astounded by the fact Spirit did this and sent me back to request a gate pass one last time. I was told NO and the lady was extremely rude and told me, how can you book a flight and not read our contract?!

And she allows HER children to fly alone, so I shouldn't have a problem! She refused to give me her name!! And NO ONE THERE WOULD HELP ME!! WHAT?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? THE LEGAL AGE OF ADULT IS 18 not 16.! And I didn't book the flight my ex husband did! RUDE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and NO WAY to file a complaint or even talk to someone!

We paid $78 for the ticket and was then charged $50 for a bag and NOTHING was complimentary on the flight! American charges $20 for the same bag!

I want a full refund but have NO way to file a compkaint! Seriously pissed off Mom!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1257130

What skin off Spirit's back is it to issue a gate pass to the mother? It a simple gate pass to get through security and allows the mother to get her kid something to eat before the flight ***.

This costs NOTHING to the airline. That is just flipping *** not to give the lady a simple gate pass. Back in the old days, you could wait at the gate with your family or even meet them at the gate.

The purpose of a gate pass is for TSA security. Why she would not give a gate pass is beyond me it has nothing to do with Spirit, but for security reasons.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1196326

While they didn't need to be rude, they were right. You obviously didn't read the contract before buying your tickets.

Your problem.


I love how instead of taking care of clients, they have employees bash their comments! Wow! What a CLASSY Airline!


Spirit does not require persons 15 years of age or older to pay for or use the "unaccompanied minor" services, although they can choose to do so. The Spirit rules clearly states that to accompany someone to the gate: "gate passes can be provided, but only for someone accompanying an Unaccompanied Minor or for someone requiring special assistance.

They will not be provided for any other reason." We know now who was rude.

So you and your husband were too cheap to pay for Unaccompanied Minor (although you now claim your son is a minor), and then you criticize the airlines for your failures. Be a good mother.

If you think that your son is unable and incompetent to find the gate himself, step up and pay the appropriate fees to make sure he gets there safely. Put your son's safety before money.

to Anonymous #1102389

Excuse me MONEY had nothing to do with it! And I'm not the one who was rude!

Even security was astonished on how this woman behaved! And never make an assumption, I have paid for a liaison in the past! He didn't need anyone to assist him in flying, I simply wanted to take him to the gate because he was flying with a new airline !

I am a wonderful mother! And your opinion doesn't mean anything to me!!

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