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Last year we received 2 vouchers from Spirit Airlines for voluntarily giving up our seats on a grossly overbooked flight from Orlando to Detroit. Before accepting the vouchers we specifically asked what restrictions there were on these vouchers and were told by the Spirit agent that they were good for anywhere Spirit flew and there were no blackout dates. The tickets were good for one year.

So here we are 10 months later and we wanted to use the these vouchers for a winter getaway to California. I check online and there is plenty of seat availability for our travel dates since we are booking well in advance. I call the reservation number and the agent says that there are no seats available. That's odd, because I am looking at their website and there are numerous flight options. Well she tells me that "˜while the vouchers aren't restricted, there are only certain flights they can be used on'. Huh? That sounds 180 degrees from "˜no blackout dates' and "˜can be used anywhere Spirit flys'. I asked to speak to a supervisor who said that I could use the tickets to fly on some other dates, but we would have to leave on a Tuesday and come back Thursday! Are you kidding me? Ticked off I hung up.

So yesterday I decided, okay, maybe I can use these vouchers to fly from Detroit to Chicago, after all they advertise flights for as little as $11 (more on this later). Surely I could use these vouchers on an $11 flight, right? Well, it turns out that after a bit of discussion I could use the vouchers for weekend trip with my wife to Chicago. Great! But then, after confirming all of our personal info, I was asked if I wanted to confirm our seats, $10 each?. Advance bag fee $15 each? With taxes and fees our "˜free' vouchers would have come to $170 out of pocket. For comparison, we can buy regular web fare tickets on Southwest to Chicago for $180, with no baggage fees and, hmmmm, my wife and I don't have to pay extra to sit next to one another.

I told my Tom, my Spirit Airlines reservation agent in India, no thanks. Then I placed the worthless Spirit vouchers in the fireplace. If Spirit is the only flight option that I have I will rent a car.

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They are worthless and its shameful. This just happened to my wife in FLL.



Southfield, Michigan, United States #1200517

Wow, that story was Funny, I hope I don't experience the same thing you and your spouse endure with the travel vouchers.


You're not alone. Had an almost identical experience.

The agent told my husband the exact same thing, word for word. What a scam.


I just had the exact same experience... we have 6 vouchers, promised to have no blackout dates, and good to anywhere Spirit flys...

and I can't find anywhere that the vouchers are good for...

every flight regardless of how many seats are free and the schedule doesn't qualify for use with vouchers... literally not worth ANYTHING.

Irving, Texas, United States #994537

Simply put: spirit SUCKS!


I hate how cheap spirit is sometimes, just because I want no excuse to fly with them. I tried booking my voucher and besides the fact my travel agent couldn't understand and kept twisting everything I asked, I can't use my voucher for any of the dates I asked.

I even asked for different dates in 5 different places where spirit flys and I couldn't book any.

So I'm booking American and boycotting spirit. By the time you pay for your bags it's worth paying a little

More for a better airlines.

Rollinsville, Colorado, United States #837073

We have had the exact same experience, down to the same *** language, and the same misinformation given by the Spirit Airlines gate agent, counter agent, reservation agent, consumer services representative, and consumer services supervisor. After countless hours trying to find a flight anywhere, anytime, to no avail, we are giving up and shredding the vouchers.


I just tried to book with vouchers today and was told no to my dates when we were also told there are no blackout dates.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #594007

Spirit should hire people that speak English fluently and slowly not to mention I waitied 40 minutes to talk to a rep in India. Brutal absolutely brutal.

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