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On 3/2/2015 I took a DIRECT flight on Spirit Airlines from FLL to BOS. Flight number 610 to be exact. I was traveling with my one-year-old son at the time.

We reached the ticket counter at 6:10 am (with plane departure at 7:00 am). Upon reaching the counter, I asked if I could please purchase another carry on because I was traveling alone with a toddler and had valuables that did not fit in the diaper bag. I was told no. Only one passenger is allowed one carry on and that I would have to check everything in my luggage. I then asked to check it at the gate. The answer then was also a no. With my son tired and screaming I ended up paying an extra 50 dollars for my oversized luggage.

During this process, the woman at the counter allowed two other people to come up and speak with her while I was there. Annoyed, I told her she was unprofessional and rude. Her coworker then asked her what flight I was on and smiled (this was after I stated the valuables that were in my bag). I told her it was none of her business and asked the woman helping me to make sure that my luggage got on the plane. After all, it was a direct flight.

Moving forward...

I reach Boston around 10:00 am. I am at the carousel before any of the luggage came out and I was there until there was none left. I immediately went to the baggage office, told them my problem and filled out a claim. The man working told me it would be on the next flight and at my house by midnight. He also provided me with a number to call with any questions.

For three days I called that number. Nobody answered or called me back until I filed a complaint with headquarters. I did not get my luggage. Not only that when I called the luggage resolution department their mailbox was full. I could not even leave a message. I had to find their email and then email them. All they could tell me was oh sorry fill out a property claim form and send in receipts.

During this process, I filled out the forms and was ready to send them out on 3/23/2015 (today). However, i received a call by a number (617) 569-8035 telling me that my baggage was at a warehouse ready for delivery ref number 6091. When I called back the man told me that they are subcontracted through Spirit Airlines to deliver lost luggage.

At about 11 am Sunday morning the luggage came to my home. Immediately I opened it and found everything in shambles. All my of my sons clothes were in knots with some sort of substance all over them. They smelled of *** and smoke. All of my jewelry was missing, my clothes also worn and stretched out (what was still there). My sons books were stolen and half of his legos that had been on top of everything. Mind you, my bag was 56 pounds when I left FLL airport. Everything was washed and pressed (I have proof) the night before i left. I had even told the claims department that my sons baby blanket was neatly covering everything on top securing the clothes in with his legos on top of everything. I had hid the jewelry within the clothes to try and be as safe as I could. That didn't matter. I emailed luggage resolution immediately after I filed a police report. Luggage resolution told me to take all the belongings to the dry cleaners to get a damage estimate. I told them i was done with the endless hours of paper work and extra money spent for their insane needs. I told them I was throwing everything in the trash which I did, AFTER I took pictures.

As of today, Spirit airlines does not even know how my luggage was returned or where it came from. Luggage resolution could not provide me with the information. The customer service line whom I spoke with agent id 34692 said that it does not even know the bag was matched or in transit. How does this make any sense? Someone had to of known where to deliver my bag. There was no information on or in my bag about where to deliver anything. How is it that they cannot match an airport it was found in, who delivered it or handled the bag? As a customer I have a right to know these things. I have a right to know who violated my sons and my belongings.

I have lost so much sleep over this. Endless hours making calls, trying to obtain receipts, filling out paperwork. It has taken time away from my son, my work and most importantly my schooling. This is not ok.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: EVERYTHING.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Neglect.

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Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1257070

As much as I dislike Spirit Airlines because of my personal observations in my travelers and their safety record, I have to agree with the first poster. Everyone knows the rules are 50 pounds.

That is standard operating procedure at every airline. That is your job to know what your luggage weighs not Spirit. Second, you have to check in an hour before hand. You got there late.

Third, never *** off the CSR's you get much more with honey than vinegar always. Finally and most importantly, why the heck you would put valuables in your check in is just bad judgment. Where these heavy valuables? Did you have Antique vases in your purse?

Honestly, you should reconsider your behavior and stop expect people to "accommodate" you for not following the rules. Again, Spirit Airlines has a terrible track record and no one with half a brain should ever fly them.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1257146

Every airline has a a terrible track record according to all the people who have written reviews about them. However, once those reviews are read, it is easy to see that the majority of people complaining caused their own issue.

Like the above poster. She arrived at the counter 50 minutes before her flight.

According to the FLL website, passengers must be checked in at least 1 hour before their flight, which means, she should have already passed the check in process by 7:00 am, meaning she should have gotten to the airport at at least 5:00 am. The site says CHECKED IN, not at the check in line.

She messed up.

to LadyScot Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1257189

Yes, I am agreeing with you. : )


7.00AM flight and reached the counter at 6.10AM, that is why your bag never showed up. You are super late for checking in luggage with Spirit.

2 hours is the recommended time. 3 hours for busier airports or international trip. Second lesson, never ever place valuables inside checked luggage.

It's all about common sense. Spirit airlines is not for those who can't pack lightly and who can't come to the airport early and can read the rules and extra fees and accept the fact that it's a budget no frill airlines.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #962661

Well, because you were rude, those ticket counter ladies had a field day with your stuff.

Just because you have a kid doesn't mean you can weasel under the rules.

You had to pay an extra fifty for your over sized luggage. Oh well.

Stop being so spoiled and stuck up. Be nicer to people.

Spread good karma.

Cause you're not, with the way you've acted towards other people who are JUST doing their jobs.

You know they could get FIRED for letting you or anyone else bend the rules?

You wouldn't care, though.

Have a good day.

to flippette #962850

It is not being rude. Having other people at the counter is wrong and considered negligence.

I don't mind paying extra for a bag IF IT MAKES IT WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE. Part of customer service is accommodating customers. By having someone else at the counter while my child is screaming is being rude. I shouldn't had to of ask anyone to not have peoplw next to me while discussing my private business.

Given your response, you are probably some ignorant broke Spirit employee. I not stuck up. I expect Spirit to conduct themselves like every other airline does. The fact that you think my telling the agent to get these people away is a means for them to take my stuff shows what a low moral standard you live your life on.

You get what you give lady. Plain and simple. There is no karma is business.

There is a right way and a wrong way and spirit does more wrong than anyone I have ever done business with. So spare me with your ridiculous post.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1255886

Part of being a good customer is not being a b.itch to people just doing their jobs. And people who tell you like it is do not have to work for the company. Just because you are told something you do not like does not make someone an employee, and you accusing them of being so makes you more of an *** than you already seem to be.

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