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One day after booking a flight we realized we booked the wrong flight. Spirit said no problem, it will only cost $ 250.00. Is that not the most pathetic thing you have ever heard ? We mad a honest mistake and we recognized it very quickly. Any other Airline would have charged you $ 50 or 0$ .

Every thing they do is designed to deceive you. Their luggage policy is classic , every other airline is 50 lbs but Spirits is 40 lbs . When you go over you get fined ( put differently charged overage) . I fly 3 time every month on business. I will not fly with Spirit ever again and nor should you. There are thousands of other complaints at

Do not fly with Spirit Airlines , in addition to all of the other things they do to ruin your travel experience they are crooks !

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I was charged $100 to carry on mycarry on luggage which is fine at every other airline. Many hidden charges.

Not worth it.

I will fly American next trip. Never again will I use Spirit Airlines


Hi Steve ,

You and your mother desrve better! Ironically, we may have to use Spirit one last time (NEVER AGAIN). Karma will get them .

As a company their board of directors and Executives should be ashamed of themselves.

The foundation of any successful business is Partnership. When you abandon this basic economic principle you are doomed to fail . A Bi-product of a successfull businesses is a happy client. How many companies do you know that go out of thier way to ruthlessly exploit their loyal clients ? Consider what their CEO said just 4 days ago in an interview.

"I've been in this business for more than 25 years," Baldanza said. "I've seen airlines with barriers and constraints that weren't really there. They thought they had to do business a certain way, like becoming the biggest airline in a given city. We set a profitability goal first and shareholder return first vs. being No. 1 in market share or some other metric of traditional airlines."


We had a similar issue. You can read my "spirit air just doesn't care" review.

My mom passed away while we were back home and they wanted $250 to cancel our flight and re-book.

I would have gladly paid a $50 fee for the paperwork. They could care less about an unforseen family emergency. They just want your money. We just didn't show up for our return flight and we basically gave them free seats back.

I wish everyone could see the emails customer service sent me. Cold hearted bastards.


FYI , it was the only direct flight we could find. More importantly, it took us 3.5 hours each way to get to the Detroit airport.

If price was an issue , we would have flew from Buffalo. While they may position themselves as a low cost carrier, they are not. A critical component of their business plan is deception.

Their baggage policies, seating assignments and fine print support this. Southwest , is a low cost carrier but at least they are fair.


Thats waht you get when flying a low-cost carrier :p

Next time, dont just look at the price...

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