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This complaint is issued against Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club. I signed up and paid via credit card for a 1 year membership in their club Jan 28 2014. The club is supposed to provide discounted airfare to members. I took 1 flight in Feb 2014, saving $15 on the fare, but at the cost of the introductory $59.95 club fee. I contacted spirit shortly after enrollment requesting that I do NOT automatically re-enroll. As a consumer, I have every right to have my preferences honored.

A year passes. Although I frequently received their fare deals, I NEVER received an email that my "anniversary" was near. I think nothing of it, (a) because I don't keep track of useless airline club anniversary dates, (b) I believe that my automatic enrollment has been severed. But of course not. They automatically re-enroll me for another year at $69.95/year on Jan 29, 2015.

I tried to dispute it with American Express, who has had MANY complaints about Spirit Airlines, but they are unable to charge back to Spirit. I called Spirit "customer service" and after getting nowhere with Angelo, I spoke with Julia (employee #29948). They simply don't care and in my opinion make a living on stealing customer's money. Julia indicated that they use a 3rd party to send out email notifications about re-enrollment and she stated it didn't matter if I received it or not. They have on record that their 3rd party was responsible for notification. She had no response when I asked how I could be on auto enroll when I contacted them in 2014 to cease. They have REFUSED to refund my 2nd year enrollment fee of $69.95 that was charged, without my knowledge and consent, on Jan 29, 2015. As a result of my failed efforts to get a refund, I have seen hundreds of complaints about this practice. I am especially concerned because I made the effort to STOP automatic enrollment and they DISREGARDED my request and billed me anyway.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $70. This person is overall dissatisfied with Spirit Airlines. The most disappointing about spirit airlines flight at Spirit Airlines was refuse to refund and horrible customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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