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Spirit Airlines is the worst airline I've ever used and I fly often. I booked a flight from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. I paid to park my car and headed to the airport even though my flight was slightly delayed and then eventually cancelled. I was getting the flight for a friends wedding. As I get close to the desk I hear and see the Spirit Airlines reps being flippant and telling people, "you paid $50.00 dollars for this one way flight and that's what you get", "what do you expect"? Etc. When I get to the front I have to ask 4 times for the reason of the cancellation. I was begrudgingly told that it's because one crew member had logged a few hours too many. I'm then thinking to myself what? So, an almost full flight is being cancelled because they didn't schedule this right and there is no one on call to fill this spot in Orlando. Are you kidding me. The next mornings flight was booked and I could either fly out 24 hours later or get a refund. So, since my friends wedding is in the afternoon I got the refund and drove to Fort Lauderdale and got in at 1:30am.

1. The flight was delayed for hours, why not just canceled? I could have saved $10 bucks on my 2 hours of parking and left after work arriving about 3.5 hours earlier.

2. Me getting a refund doesn't make me feel better, driving late at night on my own doesn't either.

3. The attitudes of the Spirit Airlines reps were by far the worst it, sometimes yelling at customers for no reason. They were rude, holding up manuals in peoples faces, yelling, and completely unaware and not compassionate for peoples situations, as some were stranded for a day or more.

4. Canelling a flight because one persons logged to many hours is unacceptable. Who is in charge of scheduling, who's planning and managing scheduling, why is no one on call?

5. Safety, reliability, and kindness is all I look for in an airline and Spirit cannot fulfill in any of these areas.

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Monetary Loss: $100.

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In all honesty, as bad as that sounds, I've been delayed for hours or even whole days on expensive carriers, too. Delays happen -- it's air travel.

I don't know what else an airline can do other than offering a reschedule or a refund.

Of course, I'm writing this as I sit waiting for my excessively delayed Spirit flight, so we'll see how bad it gets!

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