I wish I had read this before I booked my flight with Spirit.

As others have stated, it is by far the WORST, most ATROCIOUS airline I had ever had to deal with in my entire life. DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE. You will be very sorry.

So here's our story: My husband and I arrive at ORD only to find out that the flight to Vegas had been overbooked. Upon arrival at the gate, the staff, Crystal, could care less about our situation. She said to wait, or catch a flight that was 7 hours later which was ALSO overbooked and couldn't guarantee us a flight. She was rude, and didn't even make an attempt to accommodate us. Didn't even call for volunteers as is the usual protocol.

Now, technically, if the airline can't connect us with a flight within two hours in the case of overbooking, they need to compensate us 400% of our original tickets stated by the US Law of Transportation. When I asked about this, Crystal refused to answer. So finally one seat does become available - but we couldn't make a decision since we knew one of us would be stranded at the airport. By this time, Crystal is basically threatening us to make a decision, without answering our question about the 400% compensation.

Then, another agent steps in, and says my husband can take another flight only one hour after the original flight. I asked him if it was a direct flight - he confirmed yes. So off I go, leaving my husband at the airport, thinking why they didn't offer this option in the first place. Guess what happened?

The flight was NOT a direct flight, my husband was stranded in Phoenix because there were no seats from Phenix to Vegas. WTF? Did these people just lie to us just so they can get rid of us and not offer proper compensation? Did they just trick us into "voluntarily" accepting to fly with another plane? Yes.

If we had known that my husband's ticket was not a direct flight, and that he would be stranded in Phoenix, we would have never accepted this offer. We would have just walked away with our 400% reimbursement and drive to Vegas instead. The even worst part? Upon coming back to Chicago, we talk to the manager, Tony. His attitude was exactly like Crystal's - rude, impudent, irresponsible, and unapologetic. He said he could not apologize for any of the inconveniences because he was not there that day. Are you kidding me?

Bad CEO, bad manager, bad staff. This is what Spirit airlines is.

I never write reviews like this, but I only do this so that people will know NOT to choose this airline, EVER, even if it was cheap. It will ruin your entire trip - which in our case, it did. My biggest regret in life was choosing Spirit.

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Direct mean flight make a stop no change of planes.

Non stop flight get you from point A to B no stops in between just an F.Y.I


You r ticket may start lower but you'd better not carry or check in any luggage. Biggest thieves in the world. Jet Blue is next.

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