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I wish I had researched the airline prior to making reservations however they came up through all the search engines (Kayak, Cheapo Air, Orbitz, etc. ) which I mistakenly considered to MEAN something (since they do not have the likes of Ryan Air).

I ended up booking 8 legs on Spirit for myself and my boyfriend (CHI to Las Vegas, Las Vegaas to San Diego, SD to LV, LV to Chicago) which game me PLENTY of opportunity to observe and experience the scam that is Spirit Air. Everything from the web site (including the search engines who serve as their pimps) to the online and phone customer service to the gate agents and flying fast food staff (they all should be working at McDonalds or Burger King) is set up to mislead customers and drain as much as they can. I believe they are actually unethical.

I have read no complaint here that I did not personally experience. I feel morally obligated to NOT support this business.

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