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Trip to Nicaragua from Fort Lauderdale.

14 hours total time delayed by Spirit Air.

3 hours in Fort Lauderdale due to "mechanical problems".

9 hours in Nicaragua due to "weather" AND "the pilot has too many hours".

Well, how can there be 2 different reasons for the delay? The crew told me the "pilot" story....the Sprint Representative told me the "weather" story. Low and behold, it isn't Spirit's fault if it's weather related. "We have to put the customer's safety first and we will not give refund".

Called Nicaraguan Airport (yes, I am that determined to get the truth) and they have NO such records of bad weather on that date. Several weather websites also have reports that show the only breezy weather was when we took off - after 9 hours of me sitting and sleeping on the floor of foreign airport. Spirit Airlines has their employees lying instead of giving any sort of compensation back.

Many phone calls to Spirit.

Many emails to Spirit.

One written letter to Spirit.

Absolutely not one person at Spirit chooses to care.

People there continue to make promises and break them.

My problem hasn't been resolved and they can't wait for me and people like me to get frustrated and disappear.

It makes me upset that administrators and other top dogs get huge paychecks while ignoring customers and mistreating employees to the point that they have to lie and cheat. It seems so many companies are taking this nasty route. The world is changing, I long for the smaller business attitude where honesty rules and employees enjoy what they do and earn a paycheck.

I AM DONE NOW! I am putting the final nail on Spirit's box so I can let go of the negative feeling. Writing this complaint makes it better - final nail. I don't want to forget that there are people living in slums all over the world and starving, etc. I don't want to get priorities messed up. So! Congratulations Spirit! Ya got me alright! Enjoy my money and rejoice because you just lost another complaint ticket that you never planned on fixing!

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NEVER AGAIN! Got overcharged and ignored by their customer service

Spirit is the worst. Their continued existence is a mockery of decent business practices and corporate social responsibility.

It's time we do something about it!

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