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Hi my Name is Liz Espitia and I would like to share my experience with spirit airline...everything started with the promotion of the $9 dollar club which is a rip off they charge you $59 dollar to be a member. as soon you buy a ticket they through this program they charge you more then what the regular price is , not only that but the customer services sucks they are very rude and mean , they never help you , the people at the airport they are very mean its like they hate their job, and i mean its not our fault they don't like to work with customers well , as soon as you get in the airplane it gets worst you have to pay for everything including water so if you don't have a credit card sorry because they don't give you anything , my son was sick and I needed water for him and the were very mean I forgot my credit card and they told me it wasn't their problem so guess what no water ....also the flight was late for more the one hour so a 5 hours flight ended up being almost 7 hours ridiculous .....but this is not where it ends.

unfortunately when I was coming back I miss my flight.

I asked for help and one of the agent from spirit tried to get another flight the next day and she couldn't find anything she told me the next flight is 5 days later which for me that was not possible , I asked her ill take whatever I have to and she said sorry nothing was available , she said the best that I can do is to recommend you to buy another ticket from different airline actually she gave me the name of the airline and she also said that as soon I arrive to USA call spirit and they will give me a voucher that I can use for the next flight , well I bought the tickets I spent $1400 to return so when I finally got home the next day I call spirit and I told them everything and guess what they laugh at me they were very rude and very mean ,,, no surprise there I couldn't expect something better from these people , they said noooooo you lose the money , you would not get your money back and do whatever you want I ask for manager and they said he is busy , he doesn't have time for this type of complaints and he hung up the phone ,,I been calling every where , I

Been sending emails and posting comments every where and still no answers....people please DO NOT use this company , please help me to prevent other people get rip off and ruin their vacations like me ....they will take your money and you won't get what they promise... This company SPIRIT AIRLINE is the WORST company in the whole world......

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #657792

Use garbage airline and you get garbage treatment. What else did you expect from the bottom of the airline industry.

Theyy are a trash outfit! Always have been and always will be!!!!!!

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