When you purchase a cheap ticket, one can overlook the cracked pleather seats, additional charges for baggage (carry on or checking in), and even the fee if you would like to choose your own seat. However, the airline just delayed my flight 4 hours because they needed to use the plane to take passengers to San Diego (these passengers had been stranded for 4 hours because of a previous flight doing the same thing to them).

When I asked if they could put me on a different flight, I was told that THE plane was going to fly these people to San Diego, then come back to Las Vegas to take my flight to Portland?!? On top of this, there was no announcement that my flight was delayed, no apologies, and no feelings that they had done anything wrong. What I don't understand is how the airlines get away with this.

In no other business are companies allowed to get away with this and still be open for business. Spirit Airlines, has taken it to a whole new level, however, and should be avoided at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Flight.

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