Orlando to Detroit, May 5th, 2012

our flight got canceled (for maintenance) after 3 hours of delays. Then we wait in ticketing desk line behind 200+ people for 2 more hours, and moved one foot in line. (my kids were with us too, 7yrs & 9yrs old) it gets worse....

So to jump over everyone, I call Spirit corporate and actually found a flight for the next morning, but had to rent a car to drive 4 hours SOUTH to Fort Lauderdale Airport. Why?

Because there were NO FLIGHTS AVAILABLE FOR 2 More DAYS to DETROIT from Orlando!!!

We heard from other customers waiting in the line that Spirit was putting everyone up in the Hyatt hotel for the night (this was at 8:30pm) and said they were going to TRY to find another flight out for the next day, and if they could not find one, they were going to refund our money and we were on our own! ( I even heard it from the attendant as I went close to the desk and over heard her saying this to a lady)

Peeps were soooo ticked off with questions and yelling- security was beefed up. Spirit employees didn't even have the respect and consideration to even announce what they going to try to do for us. Not even an Apology!

So today, I call these *** customer relations towel heads at SPIRIT to at least be compensated for the $111.76 for the rental car, and they wont do it! *** offs!

I forgot to mention we did not get any sleep saturday night because we left airport late (not by choice) to arrive in Fort Lauderdale Airport at 2am.


* pay extra for checked bags

* pay extra for munchies on plane

* pay extra check in and printing boarding pass at airport.

* pay extra to sit with the people you are flying with

My experience with Spirit Airlines was a complete nightmare!

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