NEVER FLY SPIRIT. I have flown many airlines to many places, and have never had a worse experience that I had with Spirit.

First of all, they DO NOT THE CHEAPEST FARES because there are HIDDEN FEES such as paying for not only your checked bags, but you carry ons, seat, and personal items such as a camera, purse, laptop--anything that that can fit perfectly under your seat-- will be charged for. It's absolutely absurd.

Second of all, they have TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. They lost my one bag on a direct flight from Atlanta to Miami. I don't know how you lose a bag on a direct flight, but Spirit managed to do so because they are so unorganized. The costumer service rep. did not even apologized when i told her my bag did not show and she had a terrible unprofessional attitude. And, I was not the only one with a lost bag--the room was filled of about 15-20 people crying over their lost luggage.

Lastly, they are inconsistent and unreliable-- they delayed our flight literally five times and it ended up being 4 hours later than we had originally planed. The negative energy filled the terminal as people were angry and devastated that they couldn't make it to their destinations on time.

Flying with spirit was the most negative experience I have ever had and will never choose to fly with them again--and your are smart- you won't either.

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