Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
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Late flight arrived in FLL at 7am. Many customers booked on 7:15.

We all jog to gate and the flight is taxiing away. They couldn't be bothered to wait 5 minutes for their own customers getting of their flight. The reps said they CAN'T wait. So they try to find solutions and their are few.

Will not book on another airline and many of their flights were full. They said they could get me a flight from FLL to Detroit then to Myrtle Beach the next day. This is after taking red eye from Denver to FLL. You gotta be kidding me.

So costs me $485 for one way to get home late same day on Delta without flying back across country. They knew these customers were connecting from one Spirit flight to another and couldn't be bothered to wait 5 minutes.

Would not have even made flight late. Disgusting way to treat customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Customer Care.

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Its all about costs.It literally costs the airlines 1000's thousands of dollars every MINUTE a airplane is 5 minutes could have cost them $10,000.Also if they wait 5 minutes for could cause passengers and the held flight to miss their connection.Sometimes if there is a large group of passengers that will miss their connection they may hold for a few minutes but it rarely happens because of costs.


I love these complaints. You whine because they wouldn't wait and then followed the clearly laid out procedures for late/delayed flights (just checked - it's all right there on their site), but you know 100% you would be whining just the same if you were on that other flight and they delayed it for someone else. Flights get delayed all the time - learn to deal or drive.