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Additional Fees
Billing Practices
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Level of Comfort
Number of Destinations
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Quality of Food
Value for money
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It is way too long ..

But not worth it from website, carry on price .. checkin . Flight attendants.. flight delays .. customer service..

Their website is not android or windows even stated that the reason i couldn't get boarding pass was because it was not very compatible. They made me think that by joining their website i was getting a 9 dollars discount for the 45 dollar carry on.

When the price of 55 membership showed up it was blocked by a smaller window that i couldn't closed .. in order to get out o pressed ok and it charged my credit card 90 something dollars that they will not reimbursed even after i told them i would pay tje 9$ difference! They pretend that they couldn't hear me and that there was something wrong with my phone.

It is a horrible airline in all levels

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You should read the contract better next time