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I made a formal complaint about the experience me and my boyfriend just experienced through Spirit's re-check baggage department in Fort Lauderdale airport around 730pm pm on Saturday 5/26. Since nothing was ever done about it despite the fact that we made a formal complaint to Corporate, I've decided to make a review on every website I can because the word needs to get out there as to how awful Spirit Airlines really is! One of my close friends had a horrible experience herself and told me not to take Spirit, but I decided against because they were affordable but NEVER again! Not worth it.

What happened was:

We were never told to grab our baggage from our flight from Cancun Mexico to Fort Lauderdale so we had never grabbed our luggage (Originally leaving Fort Laudersale to Cancun, Spirit had grabbed our luggage for us so we thought the same thing would apply going back home since no one told us otherwise!). Instead we went through customs without it, thinking the bags would transfer over to our final flight from Fort Lauderdale to LaGuardia.

When we had passed the Spirit re-check baggage section, we inquired with the customer service reps at Spirit; Angie and Richard Scott (Spirit employees) about it- which they then informed us we were supposed to grab our luggage and bring it with us to the next flight. When my boyfriend had asked why, Angie rolled her eyes and gave us attitude and made a comment to Richard about it. We initially ignored it and just wanted to grab our bag so we didn’t miss our next flight. So as we stood there waiting for the status of our bag, she then told us very rudely to move to the side.

At that point my boyfriend told her (Angie) she didn’t have to give us attitude. She then asked with attitude “how am I giving you attitude?” While reclining back in her chair. At that point shortly after another employee walked up to her and sat in a chair next to Angie and Richard talking about how customers are always rude, and she in return said “oh no we get that over here too” —I believe that man who sat in the chair works in a different department then Angie and Richard. The three of them; Richard Scott, Angie and the one gentleman (I did not get his name)- then continued talking about how stupid customers are. How they always ask the customers where are they going and instead the customers tell them where their from etc etc etc. I again, didn't say anything because I just wanted to get my luggage and make my next flight.

Later on Angie went to go get our bag. She then came back later with another employee named Romaine saying they couldn’t find our bags. My boyfriend then asked Romaine to look again and instead of responding back to my boyfriend, he then walked away and sat behind the desk and completely ignored him (I cannot make this stuff up, this is literally what happened). At that point we asked for their names because we wanted to make a formal complaint to corporate because it was apparent that these employees didn't get paid enough and didn't care enough about their job. Angie refused to show her name tag to us and said she didn’t have to show it to us, Richard gave us his first and last name and Romaine told us his first name as well. I then said “what a coincidence that my boyfriend says something to you and all of a sudden our bag is the ONLY bag missing from that flight.” Richard Scott started laughing at what I said and said “wait so you think we took your bags, really?” And continued laughing in my face.

At that point I then told him that we are not friends so don’t talk to me like we are, you don’t know what proper customer service is. He then went on to say that he did and I then said is that why you’re making fun of customers the whole time while we’re waiting? You think that that’s good customer service? He then rolled his eyes and told me to lighten up. We then walked away in such outrage and knew it wasn't worth continuing fighting. It clearly wasn't going anywhere, the people who were working felt it was OK to argue back with paying customers.

As we began running to our departing flight (because we were extremely close to missing it after we claimed missing luggage)- Richard Scott was on the escalator that we got on, he then saw me, initiated CONFRONTATION WITH ME (I told corporate to look at the camera footage to prove what I’m saying is true) and he then said “you really think we took your luggage?” He had a smirk on his ugly face while saying this. I then turned around and said “we are not friends, you cannot talk to me like that, you are fighting with me like we are friends, you are at work working so act like it” and he then said “you’re right we are not friends” - at that point since Richard initiated this confrontational conversation with me-- my boyfriend then saw this, and told him to never get in my face like that. Richard then told him he will have him arrested if he tries touching him. I wish I had told him if I were a guy I would knock you the f* out lol. Looking back it would have been worth it since Corporate did absolutely nothing.

The following day we called LaGuardia to see if our luggage was there and they then informed us that it was never missing to begin with, it had been on our flight the entire time.

So basically, the ugly girl Angie and the guy Romaine lettuce had played games with us. So due to Spirit's low life, low class, spiteful and vindictive employees we were inconvenienced for no reason at all as well as being verbally attacked! I would say something needs to be done, but looking at those employees Karma already got them- their older and working in the re-check your luggage section in the Fort Lauderdale Airport making around $12 an hour lol. So, who really go who?

Anyway, this was our first experience with Spirit, we will NEVER do business with their unprofessional company again. They have awful, unprofessional, confrontational, employees with attitude representing the face of their company. I’m disgusted with their company and the experience me and my boyfriend went through. Absolutely uncalled for. How can they possibly make up for this terrible experience we had?

Well, they apologized to me saying they were sorry for the experience WE FELT WE HAD...and then offered us $100 TOTAL towards another flight with them lol. That is literally how they handled it. The company is a joke, but obviously it starts from the top up.

Do not take Spirit Airlines! Even their seats are so uncomfortable on the plane! They are literally plastic seats...I'm not kidding.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Spirit Airlines Cons: Customer service.

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There's always 2 sides to the story.


So I'm reading this and sympathizing until I get to the part where you start to name call the employees. Proves you are just as pathetic and immediately makes me stop caring about your complaint. Grow up.