DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE!!!! We got to the airport and hour before our flight like the ticket says to do....

the lady checking us in did not know what she was doing so 15 mins later after we already pay $70 for our bags they go "oh the checkin has already closed so you missed your flight" Then tell us the next available flight is A WEEK AWAY!!! Ummm....yah that'll work for me, NOT! They would not give us our money back for the bags b/c "thats their company policy" even though we paid literally 3 mins before they said we could get on the plane. So they say we can be on standby for the one the following day at 1:30AM.

We take our chances and basically sit in the airport for 14 hrs b/c checkout is at 11am from any hotel. Just to find out that that flight is overbooked and we dont make it on standby. So needless to day $1400 later we are back home. Had to buy last minute one way tickets from Vegas to Houston with a REAL Airline (United) which were $600 each plus the extra hotel nights stay.

Save your money, time, headache and tears!!! They charge for EVERYTHING!! They charge for your bagage ($45) then if its over 40 lbs its another $30, they charge for seating $10-25, they charge for carry-on, they charge for tap water on the plane. Oh and they wont say anything about your carry on at the counter so when you get to the gate they can charge you $100 for not doing it at check in like you're a mind reader or something.

Seriously Fuuuuuuu$& Spirit Airlines!! I hope they go bankrupt and they probably will the way they treat their customers!!

Review about: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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