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Spirit Airline gave my wife and I the worst travel experience of our lives. This is not a mere lost luggage complaint. Spirit Airline showed a complete disregard for us and our personal belongings.

On June 1, 2008 on flight NK784 from PUJ to FLL, Spirit Airline lost the luggage of over 100 passengers. It has been over two months since we filed the missing bags report and neither I nor anyone from the same flight which I have been able to keep in contact with have received a single return phone call. Typically, the voice-mail box for their central luggage office is completely full, and I have never gotten through to speak with a live representative. I spoke with a customs official at FLL to receive further information who replied, "Spirit Airline is a mess. They should be shut down."

I recommend never flying with this airline. This is a "fly-by-night" airline. They do not hold themselves accountable for their shortcomings and you will pay the price.

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My son and I flew from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale to go on a cruise. Everything was fine on that flight but when we returned to Atl one of our bags was missing I went right away and filled out the paperwork and in about a week my bag was delivered to my home.

The problems started when I opened the bag. It had been rummaged through and anything of value had been removed from it. I filled out paperwork and sent it to the offices as I was instructed and a few weeks ago received a letter telling me they were not responsible for any of my stolen items but just for my inconvenience they would let me have a $150.00 flight credit to be used in the 60 or 90 days.

I dont think I want to go and be robbed of the items I have had to replace so I think Ill let them keep that credit and put it to better use. I have a few ideas where they need to put it.


My story with Spirit started about 6 weeks ago. I missed my flight, and Spirit refused to put me on the next same day flight, even though it was virtually empty. They held be hostage and forced me to pay a full price one way ticket. The gate supervisor was of no help.

I called Customer Service, and was proudly told that this is how Spirit makes money. Yes, the customer service agent (apparently in Bombay) acknowledged that ANY other airline would have accomodated me, but he carefully explained that strict enforcement of Spirit regulations was what made Spirit profitable.

Now fast forward to the strike. I am stranded, and have to pay Delta $480 for a last minute ticket. The puny $100 credit does little to make me whole.

Again, the cusotmer service agent (still in Bombay) tells me (again with pride) that Spirit has no interline agreements, and cooperates with no other airlines.

This strike has cost Spirit far more than higher wages. It was cost them clients. I am now twice burned with Spirit, and will not be *** enough to let them do it again.

DO NOT FLY SPIRIT. Trust me. I have learned.

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