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About 6 weeks ago, I missed my Spirit flight. Spirit held me hostage, and made me pay for a full price one way ticket for the next same day flight which was virtuallty empty. The gate supervisor was of no assistance.

When I contacted customer service, I was told with some pride that this is how Spirit made made. Yes, the customer service agent recognized that ANY other airline would have accommodated me. He explained that strict enforcement of the rules was what made Spirit profitable.

Now fast foward to the strike. Again, I am stranded by Spirit. I book a last minute ticket on Delta, at a cost of $480. I receive a $100 credit from Spirit, which I am unlikely to use, and I am out of pocket hundreds of dollars.

The customer service agent again tells me with pride that Spirit has no interline agreements, and cooperates with no other airlines.

I have been burned by Spirit for the second time. There will not be a third.

DO NOT FLY SPIRIT. They clearly have no concerns for their passsengers.

Review about: Spirit Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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Spirit just charged my credit card for the second time(annual enrollment)a 60.00 fee to be part of the 9.00 fare club. fault for not realizing I signed on for annual enrollment.

Well I call to cancel membership because I don't want to be charged in November 2012 again. They said if I terminate then I can't use the benefits from today on. I did just pay 60.00 for the year, correct?!!! I should no longer have benefits available to me AFTER November, I paid my fee for the year!!

Nope, they are thieves, took my money but will not honor the fare club prices for the amount of time I paid for.

Also I had a credit of 190.00 that I didn't use in time, again my own fault but at least give me what I PAID for! Please STAY AWAY, they will rob you.


HHmmm.. that's interesting. YOU miss your flight and the airline is supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate you, interesting.


Agent called after my flight was canceled and said that I just had to enter my record locator number to apply to my next flight my credit of the unused air fare plus $100. Well guess what?

The $100 is only good if you book over the phone and phone fares are - you guessed it - about $100 more than online fares! What a scam! How disingenuous. I am enraged!!

Even after my flight was canceled I stayed positive about Spirit Air and promoted it as a great airline.

This is just outright fraud. It would have been better and more forthright if they just never offered the $100 credit in the first place

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