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After being told that our single bag was over-weight (the same bag we traveled with from Myrtle Beach, SC to Laguardia in NY), we were also told that that we had to pay for baggage again for our return trip. I stepped back and watched four other customers having to confront the lady at the counter about the unfair and poorly disclosed fact that baggage is charged coming and going -- ironically, that's not the case with seats.

My heart went out to the lady who daily has to politely confront customer after customer about this form of deception.

After the baggage incident, I was surprised that Spirit Air did not charge for "return" seats.

Given all the underhanded extra charges, I now understand that Spirit Air is in no way a better-priced carrier than any other airline.

In fact, I have reservations with Delta to Laguardia in April for a comparable price -- Delta doesn't outwardly charge for seats, baggage, etc., etc.

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When will the public realze that Spirit is the *** company of air lines. Fly anyone else.

Boycott Spirit.Your money spends anywhere. :cry :cry :cry :cry

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