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I was catching a flight from Denver to Dallas from Spirit Airlines. I paid to have one of the biggest seats on the plane and it was a window seat.

They apparently double-booked the seat and while I was in the seat, one of the flight attendants asked to see my ticket stub. That's when I discovered that a 40s white woman had also been assigned the same seat. About 5 minutes later a supervisor asked me to get up out of the seat and come and talk to him by the cockpit. The seat was on the very first row.

So, I did. While I was talking to him and he was trying to explain that the seat was double-booked, a flight-attendant ushered the lady in my seat. The supervisor explained that they would give me my money back for my carry-on and the price I paid for the seat and that they would also get me another seat. I told him that I did not want another seat, that's why I paid for the one I had.

I asked him for another supervisor and he explained that I could file a complaint once I got back to Dallas. In the meantime they gave me a new seat, which was seat 26E. My new seat was all the way at the back of the plane. It was in the middle seat in the very back row!

Can you say, "back of the bus?" So, when I addressed my concern to a supervisor for Spirit Airlines in Dallas, all he did was give me a card with an email address to try and file a complaint.

Seats get double-booked all the time, but my issue is that I was already sitting in the seat, because I got there first, and there is no justification as to why the lady got the seat over me. Also, they could have at least told me about the situation and asked me if I would move to a different seat and we could have went from there.

They could have also had customer service fix the situation by really being concerned about my complaint. As it stands now, they have done not one thing to fix the problem.

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Really? Clearly you don't understand how airlines work if you really think they moved you because you're not white.

It doesn't matter to most airlines if you were in the seat, on the plane, at the gate, etc, first. What matter is who checked in first.

I check in for flights online at home as soon as possible to avoid ever being bumped as I know that passengers who check in late will be the ones bumped if necessary. There was no discrimination here, just coincidence.

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