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I paid Spirit Airlines to check-in my luggage. As I waited to pick it up, people were pointing at a particular bag. It turned out to be mine. It looked as though the plane had run it over. It was totally crushed and my stuff was falling out through the numerous rips and tears in the bag. I understand that accidents happen, but to place a destroyed bag on the belt was inexcusable. My dirty laundry was literally on the belt. Couldn't they have taped up the bag for me? They could have carried the bag out and apologized. But, no. The wheels were broken and I had to drag my damaged luggage to my car. No one offered to help me. I filed a damage complaint and was told "do not call us" "you must use the regular mail to communicate with us." As it was 3:00 am, I didn't have much choice.

My other complaint is the nasty people at Spirit Airlines in ACY (Atlantic City). I got their credit card to be able to "jump the line" as they advertise. However, I'm never able to do this. I'm always given some reason - computer down, we ended the jump the line program - which is a lie, etc - and I wait on the long line. Meanwhile the credit card has an annual charge. It's basically a scam. They tell you you'll get three free trips for signing up for the card. But, you get 15000 miles. If you don't use the card, the miles go away. Even if you do, you can't use 15000 miles for three trips. You're lucky if you can get a one way ticket with the miles.

Don't ever get the Spirit Airlines Mastercard. Read all the complaints - It's not just me.

Hate Spirit at ACY. Many nasty people work there. (Actually, they're okay at Orlando and nice and let you jump the line.)

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OMG SPIRIT are sooooooo bad, never fly them. The service agents are so rude, they damaged my bags and the told me it was 'my problem' and that they are allowed to treat your luggage however they want bcoz that is in their codes of carriage. SPIRIT IS THE WORST!

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