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I flew from Las Vegas to Seattle 8/24/17. During the boarding process several passengers were told to pay cash for tgeir carry on bag.

Each essentially explained these were the same bags the had on their Spirit arrival flights. These customers later boarded after I had been seated for some time. They were carrying their belongings in several small thin waste basket bags. One women was in tears, sobbing and said Spirit made them leave their luggage at the gate and put their belongs in bags.

The bags were already rearing and their belongins were falling out as they tried to get to their seats. The woman who sat across from me was trembling and crying for at least an hour. The flight was less than a third filled. The iver head bins were nearly empty.

Mine was the knly bag in my bin. While I understand that Spirit recently deemed carry on bags that all other airlines allow as too large, the humiliation of these customers was ridiculous and cruel. It made even my experience as a person observing this very unpleasant. Im sure Spirit does not care, the employees who allowed them to get on the departure flight will likely be reprimanded when these peole file their complaints, but the transfer to garbage bags was illogical.

They had to board with multple bags when you are knly "allowed"one according to policy. This made no sense, was totally unnecessary on a flight with multiple empty overhead bins and made for a very unpleasent trip.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Aug 31, 2017.
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Boohoo. So these people didn't do their research to make sure their bags were the right size - which should have been done BEFORE the trip, but can also be done right at the gate up until boarding time by placing the bag in the sample size they have sitting right there - and now they are "trembling" because they have to use plastic bags?

By the way...if they had paid what they were asked at the gate they would have been able to bring the bags on.

People are consistently wanting to be special and get whatever they want while refusing to take 5 seconds to do some research.

Rules are rules. Follow them or go home.

to Anonymous #1367649

Spirit employee obviously

to Anonymous #1380696

What a stupid comment. I actually work for an insurance company, I just fly Spirit.

And only an absolute moron would read my post and not understand that I'm 100% right. Idiociy wins the day again.

to Anonymous #1368225

"Each essentially explained these were the same bags the had on their Spirit arrival flights."

So let me get this straight, they got over on the arrival flight but are now whining on departure.

This is how this work, often times airlines like this are understaffed and overworked.

Workers on one side trying to get a plane out and minimally staffed are don't want the drama of having to tell you people what you should already know.

They let you slide.

On the other end, a much better staffed group or one whose supervisor is in follow the rules.

It's happened to me before. I knew full well what I was doing an rolled the dice.

I won on one end and lost on the other. I didn't whine, cry or complain. I acted like a full grown adult and realized I crapped out this time and paid up understanding in the long run I "won." These people need to grow up as do you. And yes, I do work for the airline.

Psych!!! No I don't.

I just like fooling with people who think that logical answers, calls for personal responsibility and plain common sense can only come from an employee of an organisation . Cheers..

to Anonymous #1379460

Wow, the nerve of this POS. WHAT are you the CEO of this flying *** circus?

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