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Update by user Oct 06, 2018

Never mind re review. Who I should blame are the terrorist of 9/11.

They forever changed how we travel. I do believe however, we need transparency in pricing instead of the feeling we are getting nickel and dimed. Also I do not appreciate being called stupid because I didn't grow up with computers and smart phones. I booked with a company that then gave me the number to call for baggage fees.

It was automated so no answer at the time and the longer I waited the higher the baggage fees. I was upset because most women carry purses and why should I only get this for my free carry on? Anyway I just wanted to tell you I do believe the airlines are listening to consumers and are doing the best they can! Thanks Spirit.

I am doing the best I can also in high tech times. Signed Senior

Original review posted by user Sep 05, 2018

I found the whole ordeal of booking online awful and was totally duped re baggage and carry on. I paid 100.00 to have a suitcase with me both ways and checked in.

I'm going to colder climes. Purse is considered carry on! What a crock. This senior citizen will never fly Spirit again.

It's your job to handle luggage and you've taken the joy out of taking a trip. I will tell everyone I know about this and hopefully save them from such a stressful upsetting experience. You cannot fit cold weather appropriate attire in a small carry on! It's a wonder they get anyone to fly with them.

Customized travel- for who?

Not this old lady or any of her friends and family!! Please remove the smiley face on this page as I am not happy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy.

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You should probably stay away from computers. There is no possible way anyone with eyes could miss the carry-on fees and sizes.

A purse is considered a free personal item and nowhere does it list that as a carry-on. It just has to meet the size requirements.

I literally just booked a flight on Spirit 10 minutes ago. If you are too stupid to use the system, please don't.